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I am overwhelmed with all of the kind comments in my blog candy post!  You all know how to make a person feel on top of the world!  I do have to say, that I wasn’t too explicit about when my birthday was, and since the drawing for the Blog Candy is on the 22nd a lot of you think that is the day of my birthday.  In actuality, my birthday is on March 1st and I plan on having a blog candy drawing once a week to celebrate for the entire month.  The thing that I hate about Leap Year is that I have to wait a whole extra 24 hours to start celebrating.  Darn February 29th. 

Here is my favorite creation of the week so far.  It’s amazing how creative you feel when you have finished a huge project.  I have a huge box going out with my 40 little swaps, but I didn’t want them to get smashed.  I’ll post the finished project after I get the swaps back.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise. 

I bought the Just Celebrate stamp set just for this little owl!  Isn’t he adorable?  I think so.  Anyway there are a lot of layers going on in this card, but I am loving all of my faux stitching with my white gel pen and the sponging going on around the owl.  I always admire the scenes Beate creates with her sponge daubers and ink.  She can make an image panel that would be totally “blah” on one of my cards, a complete “WOW” with just a little sky and grass.  You can check out what I mean here.  I have a long way to go to achieve that look, but I think I am figuring it out. 

Well I better get going.  I woke up this morning muttering a foul 4 letter word . . . . . snow . . . . . UGH!  It has made life miserable this winter.  The roads were awful taking Colin to school and now I have to head back out to pick him up.  I hope that they at least attempted to do something with them in the last 3 hours because I had really regretted venturing out earlier in the day.  I guess when you are out of salt for the streets there isn’t much that can be done.  At least the sun is shining, so hopefully it’s not as icy out now.  Have a great afternoon!



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  1. Wait a couple of leap years and then you will be thankful for that extra day, LOL. This card is adorable.

  2. He is a cute owl. This is a fantastic card and your faux stitching is grand. You do great with layers!

  3. Your card is nothing to frown about, it’s simply darling. Now, that image has a super high cute factor. Love all the little details. Wonderful work Jenn. Hope no more snow comes our way.

  4. I love the owl – he’s very cute.

  5. He is just the cutest thing! I have a Hero Arts owl that I haven’t done a thing with yet but had to have because he was too cute to resist!

  6. I love your card! I can’t wait to be able to get my hands on this set!! Thks for the chance 🙂

  7. LOVE IT!!! I love the summer picnic paper!!! 🙂 the coloring on the owl is great!

  8. Oh this is so fabulous! I almost ordered this set just because of the owl too! I probably will have to cave and get it, thanks for the enticement! Sorry to hear about your snow. We’ve had some delicious days here, cool in the morning, sunny and nice in the afternoon. They say a cold front is coming, so guess I’ll get another chance to wear a sweater or two!

  9. i love owls, so i love this card 🙂 i won’t be entering blog candy, cause i already have that set! hey, do you like typepad, now that you’ve switched…don’t you have to pay for it? what are your thoughts…i’m not super pleased with blogger, so any insight is greatly appreciated!

  10. Jenn, it’s gorgeous! I LOVE it! I can’t believe you made this card 40 times. All that faux stitching. I am afraid my fingers are permanently stained from all the sponging I did on my card. LOL


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