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RAK from Beate!

Remember last week when I was complaining about not having enough Christmas Designer Series paper to carry me through making 10 Christmas cards a month?  Well I don’t have to fret anymore.  Thank you Beate!  You are too generous!  Along with the Designer Series Paper was this card.  If you think Beate’s cards are gorgeous on her blog, they are even 10 times prettier in real life, if you can imagine that.  My photographing skill probably don’t do this card justice. 

If you want to see the details on this card you can find them on Beate’s Blog by clicking here.  ETA: This card uses the Poppin’ Pastel Technique instead of Faux Shaving Cream, but the rest of the details are similar. 


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  1. I am so glad you got it! I was happy to help out!
    This card is actually a bit different then the one on my blog. It’s done with Poppin’ Pastel instead of Faux Shaving cream.
    Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs and smiles

  2. Wowwee, what a lucky lady you are! I guess I’m pretty lucky too! I had a SU party today and spent yesterday CLEANING so I didn’t know, I didn’t get an e-mail either…so thanks for popping by. AWESOME! Your “non-traditional” St.Patty’s day cards rock, I really like the craft one. I need to buy some craft. Thanks Jenn, I’m doing the happy dance.

  3. Wow! How cool is that, getting a card from Beate?! I think that baby would go on the wall =).


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