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Birthday Cards

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 I got some wonderful cards in the mail over the last few days so of course I wanted to share them with all of you. 

This card was sent to me by Tina from Wooded Views.  It’s this card adorable?  The colors are so rich and vibrant, and I just love Bella stamps.  The texture of the embossing plate is fabulous, so much so that I took my sister to Michael’s today and made her buy this folder with her own money. 

Thank you Tina!

 This second card was sent to me by my friend Becky.  We met on the American Baby forums right after our oldest son’s were born and have become friends over the years.  It’s so hard to believe that was almost 5 years ago. 

This card is so bright and cheery and I just love the patterned paper.  Thanks Becky!

Becky sent me this card and wrote on the flap – “Do Not Open Until March 1st”.  Since I don’t follow rules very well I opened it right away.  (Roger said he was going to tell on me, but I got him on that one since I planned on telling on myself anyway). 

 Here was my surprise birthday present from my Mom and Dad.  I mentioned to my mom that I saw the Big Bite on QVC and asked her if she had seen it.  So she went to Archiver’s and bought the first one they pulled out of the box.  They didn’t even have their shipment on the shelves yet.  I did also get 2 scarves, made out of the yarn that I have been eying for years now. 

Thanks Mom and Dad!

P.S. Roger you better keep one eye open when you sleep with this in the house.  *just kidding of course*



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  1. Wow, the crop-a-dile II. I bet you’ll have fun with that!!

  2. great cards! hope you had a happy birthday…did i miss it? i haven’t been blogging for a couple days cause the folks were in town…anyways…hope it was/is a good one 🙂


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