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I did it!

 I can’t believe I have 99% of my Artisan Award entries done and I didn’t have too many rejects.  I did take some time to make this little box when I had a hard time switching from scrapbooking to 3D items.  The pattern is on Jen’s blog.  It can hold 6 Ghiradelli Chocolate squares, but my box is empty.  I am box challenged and this is the first attempt at it.

Tomorrow I am going to finish my last 3D item.  I’m short a few supplies so I’m going to borrow them from my Mom and sister when I go over there tomorrow. 

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I am so glad I accomplished another goal I had set out for myself this year. 

Do you want to hear the freaky thing that happened to me today?  I was downstairs in my stamping area working on finishing up a card and Roger and the kids had just gone upstairs.  All of a sudden I hear this really demonic sounding man’s voice saying “Hello . . . hello . . . I know you can hear me.”  I freaked out!  I yelled upstairs to Roger that the computer was talking to me.  He came down, didn’t believe me at first and then heard it himself.  He said, it’s probably a CB and turned the computer speakers off.  I finish my card, pick up the phone and call my mom.  Before she even answered the phone I hear “Hello . . . Hello . . . I know you can hear me!”.  So my mom picks up and she hears the same thing.  I’m running up the stairs at this point in time.  When I get up there Roger is in our bedroom with the kids and has the alarm clock radio on and the same demonic voice is coming out of the radio and then the baby monitor.  So I yell into the phone that I’m calling the police.  I call them via the non emergency number and while I’m talking to the dispatcher this guy is going on and on “Hello . . . Hello . . I know you can hear me . . . I know you are listening!”.  So the dispatcher asks me what’s going on and I have no idea. He listens and says he’s dispatching an officer to our house.  I called to see if anyone else had reported such strange circumstances, but no I’m the only one, and I know I’m not crazy because 5 other people besides myself hear it.  We have turned off all electronic devices to get rid of the freaky voice, or so we thought.  I go down to the freezer to take out a couple of meals to dethaw for the week and I hear “Roger . . . Roger . . .”, so I go running upstairs to tell Roger that now they even know his name.  So Roger fiddles around with the computer, shuts it all down and when it rebooted we heard “Audio check . . . Audio check” and then it was all over.  Let me tell you it was freaky!

I hope you are all having a nice relaxing Easter Weekend!


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  1. Jenn, I love the box! Good luck with the Artisan Award! I’m sure you’ll get it =). I meant to enter, but I kinda forgot about the deadline.

    That is really freaky about the voice…ugh! At least you weren’t alone. I think that would have made it a whole lot scarier.

  2. Great box! Congrats on finishing your projects! Can’t wait to see them someday! I’m so freaked out about your freaky voice story! I still don’t really get it, it was coming out of your computer? What kind of audio check says “I know you can hear me”? And it was coming over your phone too? Or did your mom hear it in the room in the background while talking to you? It’s so weird!! Glad you’re all okay!

  3. Yikes, that story gave me the heeby jeebies! Did you guys ever figure out what really happened??

    Congrats on finishing all your entries… That’s a huge task!! 🙂

    Love your box… It’s so pretty!

    Have a great Easter! 🙂

  4. ewww…creepy…you need to elaborate…does your computer normally talk to you?? that is such a weird story!
    congrats on being all finished!!

  5. Okay, I don’t usually comment on the blogs I “stalk” :-), but that weird voice thing is too weird not to comment! 🙂 I would have absolutely freaked out! I’m glad you weren’t alone–I’d have peed my pants and then died of a heart attack! If you figure out what it was, I’d love to hear! Maybe someone playing a joke?

    And, great box! Good luck with the whole process! Can’t wait to hear how it all turns out!

  6. Jenn, congrats on your project, I am certain you will do well.

    Whoa, your story is very scary. Something similar happened to me. A friend and I were talking, me on a land line and she on a cell. Anyway, some guy kept sain weird things and only I could hear it. We hung up and tried again, he was still there. The third try worked, but it is creepy. Glad you are safe!

  7. This use to happen to us in our old house. It was our neighbors who owned a CB radio with a very illegal modification on it. Whenever they would talk on it it would come through our tv, our radios, our phone. I work from home and one time I was on a conference call and it came though and he was saying some really awful stuff and I had to hang up the phone. It was AWFUL and one of the reasons we moved. The cops would come and tell them take it down and they would for a day and it would be back up. So I bet you it was someone on a CB radio. Could by why they said roger roger… not really Roger (your husbands name).

    Anyhow, hope that helps ease your mind! It is totally freaking and if he is coming through your phone and radios than he has an illegal antenna or something!


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