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 I’m feeling a bit drained and I can see it in my stamping.  Evan has his allergy testing yesterday and it didn’t turn out like we had expected.  All of us have seasonal allergies, so I figured we just needed to know what Evan was allergic to, we could adjust his medicine and he’d get to feeling better.  Well, nothing reacted besides the control.  He had a mild indoor mold allergy, but since our house is new, our basement is finished and we don’t have any extra moisture downstairs it is highly unlikely he will be around much mold.  They did say that his left ear was looking bright red and irritated.  He just finished a round of antibiotics on Sunday for a sinus infection and fluid in his ears.  This morning we headed back to the pediatrician for a re-check of his ears and his sinus infection has not cleared up and his ear is still looking infected.  So we know it’s not allergies that is causing this, but are now suspecting acid reflux.  He is on yet another round of antibiotics, has to keep doing the breathing treatments and is now on Prevacid to see if his constant runny nose clears up.  I sure hope so because I spent $130 on medicine today.  Insurance doesn’t cover one of his breathing treatments, but his lungs sound nasty when he coughs and I don’t want another hospitalization for him. 

Here is my quick card for today.  I made it in about 10 minutes for the Color Challenge – Basic Black, Purely Pomegranate and Soft Sky.  I used Pun Fun and the matching wheel (the name escapes me right now).  Tomorrow I have a C.C. Designs sneak peek in store for you.  It’s a hoot, that’s for sure! 



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  1. Poor fella, sure hope he is back on track and feeling better soon.

    Very pretty card, lovely colors.

  2. Love the card! Great colors:) I hope that Evan is feeling better soon, I know it’s not fun when a little one is sick. Hugs to you, tfs on your blog. I love your creations:)

  3. Oh I feel for you – poor guy. I hope he is feeling better soon so you can get some much needed rest I’m sure.

    BTW: Love the card!

  4. Very cute card!! Great job!

  5. Jenn, your card looks great, your stamping doesn’t looked drained at all! Sounds like a lot you’re going through, hang in there, I’m sending you hugs! Rest well knowing what a good parent you are!

  6. Jenn, so sorry to hear about Evan. We had such a hard time with Aaron and his ears. He eventually got tubes. They’ve fallin’ out now and he seems to be fine. Really, try to get some rest. We’ll still be here when you return. Heehee. I think your card is adorable! Makes me think I needs some herbal tea.


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