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This is the last two page layout that I did for the Got Sketch 101 Class.  I had actually run out of photos so we went to the park to take some more.  I have always said that the main reason I don’t scrapbook is because I never have photos printed.  I think the class has made me realize that I can pick a few related photos and add them to a page quite easily.  I am planning on having a new page posted at least once a week after the class ends, so this won’t be the end of scrapbooking for me.  I’m on a roll and I don’t want to stop. 

We have a few things to accomplish around here today and one of my goals is to get some stamping time in.  I’ve actually caught up with the projects that I’ve had to post and I need to get some new stuff done. 

Have a great Sunday!



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  1. Those are super fantastic! I must have missed when you told us about the class. Is it in your area? Looks like you are learning lots! :o)

  2. You ARE on a roll! I can’t wait to see more!

  3. Awesome pages. The boys look like they are having a great time.

  4. great pages! I am so gald that you are going to keep scrapping after the class. If you love sketches- another good sourse (besides Val and Janna) is Blecky Fleck’s Page Maps. I LOVE her website and her book was worth every penny!

  5. More excellent pages! You so rock at scrapbooking! I actually did one page last night (not a class design), but I noticed I used a large bracket and the date stamp from It’s a Date like you! See you’re rubbing off on me and a good influence!

  6. love it jenn!! thanks for helping me find that class…i’m hoping to get a few layouts posted in the next day or two!! i really love the colors you used…how fun!! great job and keep it up!!


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