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Wow, I want to thank all of you who tagged me the last two days.  It’s so nice to know that people enjoy visiting my blog and remember it enough to nominate me for things. 

I was tagged by Miss Boo at Designs by Boo and by Jamie at Stampin’ Mommy of 4

So now I need 7 Random Facts about myself:

1).  I spent most of my life fighting my naturally curly hair and now that I am older I love it.  I call it wash and wear.  I don’t even have to dry it!

2).  I’m not much of a girlie girl.  I don’t own any makeup and I am right at home in comfy jeans and a T-shirt.

3).  I never considered myself to be a crafty person.  It wasn’t until I started playing around with digital graphics that I found a passion for creating.  I never knew it would transistion from computer graphics to paper. 

4).  I am a huge animal person.  We have 1 dog (Sophie, who is 10) and 2 cats (Figaro, 8 and Gilbert 3)

5).  I am borderline OCD when it comes to keeping things clean.  I can’t stand a mess and have a cleaning schedule.  I have my kids convinced that cleaning is a game and they help me each morning.

6).  I love to read.  I have read myself to sleep ever since I can remember.  I love Stephanie Plum books and have Number 14 waiting to be read right now.

7).  I don’t cook dinner.  Instead my husband and I go to Dinner by Design and make our dinners for a month at a time.  This was my suggestion to save more time for stamping and it actually saves us money too!

Now to tag 7 Random People –

I am not good at picking so I chose to pick 7 Control Freak Swappers.








I was nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award by Carol at Stamp Like Crazy

I tag:





Now that it’s stopped raining I can hopefully pick up my photo order from Walmart! 



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  1. Enjoy #14 Plum, I know I did 🙂

    Bad thing is it’s a year before we get another one!


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