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I figured today would be a good day to share the rest of the pages in my mini album.  The project is a pre-class project from UStamp.  I thought it was an adorable idea and had to make one when I saw it.  I did change my dimensions to work with the On Board Book Basics small to make the least amount of cuts.   If you notice my jumbo eyelets are on the front and back of the pages to make it look neater.  I never knew that you could double set the eyelets!  Set the back one first and then simply insert another one through the first one you set.  You might not be able to push it all the way in with your fingers, but the Crop-a-dile will do the work for you to set one the opposite direction.  Imagine the possibilities this opens up. 

I do have a few updates.  Some people were wondering about Sophie, our black lab mix, who has a tumor in her mouth.  The vet thinks that it is not cancerous this time.  It seems to have stopped growing and he is just going to watch it.  As long as it’s not bothering her he thinks she’ll be fine for now.  She just turned 10 years old this August, so she’s had a great life so far. 

Evan is fine!  His C-spine came back normal and he has no infection.  We did find out that he has an elevated bilirubin level, so they re-did blood work yesterday to make sure it wasn’t lab error.  It was still elevated, but some people live with this with no complications.  They pediatrician says it’s called Gilbert’s Disease or Gilbert’s Syndrome.  We are going to repeat the tests in 3 months and see if it’s still elevated.  He was very jaundice at birth and his levels were always very high.  It took a week in the hospital before he could go home, and Gilbert’s syndrome is present from birth.  Most people are diagonsed with it after it is found by accident through routine blood work.  After reading online about it I’m not too worried. 

We are coming up to a 3 day weekend!  I hope to get a ton of stamping in and hopefully some scrapbooking.  I have a nice big order of paper coming on Tuesday!  I’m excited for that. 



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  1. Such a wonderful album and you were right about that red hair! We’re going camping this weekend, I know the kiddos will have a blast.
    Take care and have a great one.

  2. Another cute project!! I’m so impressed how you always do them! I still need to go and save all the stuff from the first Got Sketch class that I never did, lol! Then I’ve been considering signing up for the second one and ustamp, I’m crazy! So glad to hear all your family is doing okay now!!

  3. More great pages! Love that sun on his red hair, so brilliant!


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