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Good Manners? and a Little Break













I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a bit.  I’ve gotten several e-mails asking where I have been hiding.  I woke up to a very sick boy on Friday and am trying to keep his lungs clear so that he does not end up in the hospital again this winter.  The pediatrician says that his bronchitis could quickly turn into pneumoia if we don’t keep up on the breating treatments.  In there I threw in a class, a 15 year high school reunion and a trip to look at some custom built cabinets that are destined for the trash.  It’s been a long weekend to say the least. 

I also wanted to thank all of you who visit here on a daily basis.  It is a very difficult decision to make, but right now I must take a break from some of my stamping related activities and spend a little more time with my family.  I really have enjoyed teaching those of you who come to my classes new things, and posting here on a daily basis.  I just need to step back and take things easy for a while.  I’m sure that you will all understand. 

Here is a page I made of Evan.  He does not like to have his hands dirty, yet uses them to shovel food into his mouth and then holds his hands out for us to clean.  The layout for this page was again taken from the November 2008 issue of  Creating Keepsakes Magazine. 

I hope to be back soon.  Until then have fun stamping!




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  1. I love it. Oh, to have the time to scrap. I’m itchin’ to do some layouts of little Jonah. Jenn, you just take care of your boy. We’ll be here with baited breath waiting for your next gorgeous post.

  2. Very cute page, little boys are too funny. Totally understandable about stepping back for a bit. Like Misty said we will still be here when you return. Sarah

  3. You take care of yourself and your family. I understand how hard it is to balance it all. I love your blog and will keep checking back. Thanks for all you do.

  4. jenn, i hope that your son improves and doesn’t end up in the hospital! you will be missed…but we all understand how it goes!! i LOVE this page…oh, my heart!! great job! good luck!!

  5. I have enjoyed coming to your blog! I love your posts – you are so creative. I hope all goes well with your son and that you will remember…family always comes first. However, like the rest, I will be holding my breath ’till you come back!!!!

  6. Take your time with your family. I will pray that your son gets well quick. The scrapbook page is so cute.

  7. Great page! How cute that he wants his hands cleaned off after each bite!

    Take all the time you need. I will be as patient as possible while waiting for your next post….

  8. Who wouldn’t understand? I’m so sorry that your wee one is sick. It’s the worst thing in the world to see our kids in the hospital so I can totally understand why you want to prevent it. Take all the time you need for you and your family. We’ll be here when you get back. Take care!


    p.s. I’m sorry your cabinets didn’t work out…bummer!

  9. Everyone understands the need to step back and take care of family needs now and then! You take good care of your precious little one!

  10. Great page Jenn! Enjoy your time – family is first for sure. Hope to see you soon.

    Every now & than you need that break!

  11. Fantastic layout!

    Take care of your little boy I know how hard it is to have sick little ones!

    Hope to see you back here soon!

  12. Jenn, Go and enjoy that family time. They grow up so fast. Believe me, I have grandbabies now and wonder how that happened, just yesterday my kids were just babies themselves. But how I love them grandbabies (not really babies anymore). Love your blog and will look forward to your return.

  13. Awesome page, as always! That’s funny about his hands!

    Take care of your family and yourself, we will miss you and be here when you’re able and ready to come back! Hugs!

  14. Just love your scrapbook page Jenn! As you probably noticed from my blog I too have taken a bit of a break this month – family comes first! Hugs to you and yours, stay healthy & happy. Come back when you feel ready not because you feel quilty that your not showing your stamping; I know it eats away at us like some disease,lol. HUGS my friend!!

  15. Hoping your little one gets better soon!! Family MUST come first, so don’t feel bad at all! I will be waiting here for you when you get back!!!!!

  16. lol. Cute LO. So funny. Sometimes I wish I could eat just like that!


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