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Project 365 – January 11 – 17th

Once again I’m going to share random photos I took during the week. I find I don’t get a photograph everyday but it’s fun to look back at our week.

This first photo is of Evan and our brand new dishwasher. It’s fabulous compared to our last one! Here’s to this one lasting more than 4 years.

Colin was Star Student this week. He had to make a poster with information about him. He didn’t get to finish out his week because we had 2 snow days this week. He is getting a 5 day weekend. It’s like Christmas break all over again.

Here is a look at all of our snow. This was taken from our back door. Even though we got quite a few inches, it was the bitter cold that really cancelled school. With mornings starting at -14 and -18 on Thursday and Friday it was just too cold to go outside.

Instead we stayed inside and used our old comforters and a quilt my mom made to build a huge fort in our basement. Colin and Evan spent hours playing in their fort.

Colin had his first basketball game of the season. He made several baskets during warm up. I’m glad he loves sports. It gives him a good outlet for all of his energy. (I fuzzed out other people’s faces to protect their identies).

Now I just need to work on getting these onto a scrapbook page!  I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into my week.



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  1. Great pics, thanks for sharing them. I don’t miss that snow and those temps at all!!

  2. Great pictures! I especially love that super cool fort!


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