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Project 365: January 25 – 31st

Evan did not want me to take his photo. I just had to get one of his crazy red curls. They are so cute!

This is the bread that sparked my baking session this week. My mom also makes a raisin version and it is equally delicious.

My kids love when I turn their oridinary hotdogs into Octodog. Just cut the bottom into 8 strips and when it’s cooked in boiling water it curls up. I use a toothpick to add a face.

Figaro, mainly called Figs, is our 8 year old black cat. He did not adjust to life with kids well after Evan was born and now takes Valium on a daily basis.

Colin was so proud of the snowman he brought home from school. He tries to save every project, but I take a photo for safe keeping in case something happens to it down the road.


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  1. Great picstures. I enjoy seeing them each week.

  2. Great pictures! Love that red hair!

  3. Your son is adorable! And the cat, how freaking funny is that! That totally cracks me up! Haa haa. Aren’t kitties funny? I am still giggling. It is good to talk to you again. I miss you!

  4. Love those curls! We do octodogs here too! I haven’t done bento lunches in a while, but we were pretty hot on those for a time. And your cat: our cat is 17 (or is he 18?) and he is the only one in our house on prescription meds for his thyroid! Great idea on taking photos of the kids’ artwork!

  5. I love your kid pics! I will have to remember octodogs for grandkids. What a great idea! TFS

  6. Aww how cute are they! love the curls too! Thanks for sharing your family with us!!


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