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Project 365: February 8 – 15

Last Sunday, Colin went to a birthday party for a girl in his Kindergarten class. He brought home 4 balloons and said he needed 4 so we could have one for each person in our family. It was fairly warm out so Evan and Colin had fun attaching them to their bikes and playing with them outside.

Evan found a piece of twine and we made him a balloon kite.

Another rare occasion where Colin is being extra sweet to Evan. Evan doesn’t seem to think this will last long according to his expression.

Evan loves my left over Stampin’ Up! boxes. He used a step stool, straw and Betty Crocker frosting lid to turn this box into a car. It has provided hours of entertainment for both Colin and Evan, although Colin doesn’t really fit well into the box.

Have a great Sunday! I hope to see you back tomorrow for a new paper crafting post.



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  1. Adorable pics of the boys:) Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day yesterday! ((HUGS))

  2. If you order MORE items, they give you bigger boxes so your boys can both play in it. I do that for the sake of my kids…..


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