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For the last day and a half, Evan has been super clingy. He sometimes is that way with me, but I found out why last night around 1:30 am when he woke up burninig up with a fever.  I was up with him until 3 am and we slept restlessly until just after 7 this morning.  I am dragging today and I don’t have anything new stamped.  This is my swap card for the last Control Freaks swap.  I got mine back today so I figure it’s okay to post these.  It’s hard to tell in the photo but the largest Pink Pirouette layer is textured with the Damask background Textruz plate. 

Evan went to the pedi this morning and they are running a flu test.  We are also trying to schedule an appointment for him to see an ENT to have his adenoids removed.  I think we had talked about that at this time last year, but we wanted to see if he’d grow out of these constant infections.  Hopefully we will both get a good night sleep and I’ll get to stamp tomorrow.   He’s back on antibiotics, possibly Tamiflu as well when we get the flu results back and the nebulizer is back in commission.  Poor little guy.

Roger fixed the browser for me so hopefully I can actually navigate the internet today without it freezing every 30 seconds.  Since I’m stuck on the couch with Evan I might as well hop around and see what you have all been up to. 



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  1. Poor guy…hope he gets to feeling better soon Jenn! love your card btw…the layout is great!!

  2. very cute…this set is so pretty! I love that big pink ribbon! 🙂

  3. That card is super sweet! how soft the colour combination is & that thick ribbon!

  4. Beautiful ard! I just love that stamp set!


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