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Love Notes and a Special Offer

I was cleaning up folders on my computer when I came across this project. I made it for a Stampin’ Up! contest for March, but it didn’t make the cut. The good thing is that I can now share it with you.  I made this to be a little Love Notes book.  The cover is Pink Pirouette and is decorated with Kiwi Kiss, Raspberry  Tart and flowers from Petal Pizzazz.  I just love cutting these flowers out and adding half pearl centers to them.  To give them some depth I curl the petals and leaves with the handle of my paper piercer.

The inside of the notebook opens up to reveal a pocket for Post It Notes and a pen. The pages are decorated with the Petal Pizzazz flowers as well as Define Your Life Definitions.  I only picked definitions that dealt in some way with being in love.   I was in love this this project when  I made it.  I wish I had made another to keep on hand so I have the dimensions.  If I have time in a few weeks I’ll try to sit down and figure them out. 

Well I have a few things to get done around the house as I have a class coming in tonight.  I hope you all have a fantastic day.  Plus I have an offer for all of my Blog Readers.  I was contacted by Snuggle and they would like to offer you a $2 off coupon on their brand new Snuggle Creme. Snuggle creme is a brand new product that adds two luxurious aromas to your laundry time while also softening your clothes. You can click on the widget to download your coupon. 



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  1. This is incredible! I love the colors and wow at the contents!

  2. Goodness, if that didn’t make the cut, what will? It’s beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous Jenn…love those punched flowers!

  4. I was thinking of submitting something next month. I’m leary too now! That is adorable!

    I’m catching up on blogs. Sorry to hear the ENT appointment was dissapointing. I would definitly seek another opinion.

  5. WOW! That is GORGEOUS Jenn!!! LOVE it!

  6. This is just the cutest!! You make everything look so easy!!

  7. Wow Jen this is gorgeous … Would you mind if I cased this? I just love it!! thanks for doing that run for me yesterday too ;0) best run I’ve done as I’m not sore at all today 😀

  8. Jen, I love your project! It is so bright and happy. I can’t imagine what they chose instead. Hugs, Sarah

  9. This is fabulous, Jenn!! Did you enter the artisan awards? It’s funny because I started reading your blog last year when you were all in a frenzy trying to finish up your entries! LOL! Love the dancing Snuggle too!

    hugs, B.

  10. Jenn ~ This project is awesome. Can’t believe it didn’t make the cut. Maybe it was too GOOD!

  11. I think this project is way cool and stand up there with some of the best. I don’t know what the criteria is to make in the SU site but it is their loss and our gain. Love this – so cute and can be adopted into lots of theme. Can’t wait to see the instructions and other details when you get a chance. Thanks for sharing this project. Love it!

  12. That is so adorable. What a great gift idea! I cannot believe it was not chosen. You have some real talent!!!

  13. Jenn – this is a terrific project….still not understanding why it didn’t make the ‘cut’….it belongs in the next SU catty!!! Thanks for sharing! You are so talented!

  14. oh jenn, how cute is that!? i love it! i can’t believe it didn’t win…it wins in my book!:) great colors!!!

  15. OMGosh Jenn this is simply gorgeous…..what is wrong with SU. Don’t flame me but I constantly see the same names being picked it seems like a click circle and if you aren’t in it, you do not get picked. I cannot believe this didn’t get picked. In the new SS yours beats hands down 200%….

    I am going to stalk you until you have a tutorial on this OR… you can be so kind as to email it to me…

    I VOTE FOR YOU!!!!!

  16. This is really great! I’m sorry that it didn’t make the cut!

  17. This is adorable! Can’t believe it didn’t win, it definitely should have in my book!

  18. Denise Carpenter

    I would love the instructions for this! I’m a demo and would love to share this with my customers if you wouldn’t mind. I respect your wishes one way or another.

    Have a blessed day,

    ps. I’m not really sure what URI means!

  19. This should be a WOW! I love the colors, layout & usefulness/design of it. Would love to case this &/or get instructs if you don’t mind sharing! Would love to make one with a different theme (fall or holiday).

    p.s. not sure what uri means either!


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