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I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that we took Evan in for more blood work to see if his immune system was improving or not. He’s had a pretty good winter, but I stay home with him 99.9% of the time. We’ve stopped taking him to everything from playgroup, church, music and stores.  All of this to avoid germs.  Along with this test we decided to test for food sensitivities within his immune system.  We’ve done the normal food and seasonal allergy tests, but they all came back normal.  Yesterday we got the results – he has food sensitivities to wheat and casein.  We were told to cut out wheat by 100% and milk products by 50%.  I had no idea where to begin, so I bought 2 cook books at the book store and then headed to the health food section of the grocery store.  It’s hard to find food without wheat in it.  So if any of you know about wheat and casein free diets I’d love for you to share your experiences with me.  I’m a total beginner.  We will see the allergist and immunologist in a few weeks and he’ll be able to tell us if his immune system has improved enough to start preschool in the fall, or if he’ll have to stay home yet another year.  I’m hoping he can go to school in the fall for only a few hours a week.  He needs to be around other kids his age. 

Now onto the cards.  I again have 2 cards for you.  The first one features the Great Friend stamp set.  I love butterflies and of course I was drawn to this one.  The base of both cards is exactly the same.  I used a Kraft base, followed by Whisper White and strips of Parisian Breeze speciality paper.  I love this paper!  If you haven’t tried it out you should. It’s nice an heavy weight and it’s slightly textured and the patterns and colors in this package are oh so pretty.  I used my sewing machine on the Whisper White and patterned paper layer.   I then added 3 vintage brads and a bow of natural hemp twine and then attached it to the card base.  Now this is where the first card is different.  I cut a square of Whisper White and Chocolate Chip cardstock.  I stamped on the whisper white in mellow moss ink with the leaf stamp from Great Friend.  I then added 2 Not Quite Navy butterflies on dimensionals.  The entire layer is up on dimensinoals as well.

Stamps: Great Friend
Paper: Kraft, Whisper White, Parisian Breeze, Chocolate Chip
Ink: Mellow moss, Not Quite Navy
Accessories: sewing machine, vintage brads, natural hemp twine, dimensionals

The base of this card is exactly the same as the top version, only I turned it on it’s side.  I also enlongated the Whisper White and Chocolate Chip layer to fit the image from Soft Summer.  I stamped the outline in Basic Gray and then used Cameo Coral, Chocolate Chip, Summer Sun and Old Olive markers to color in the 2 step stamp image.  I used my Stamp-a-ma-jig to line t up.  I added a piece of Chocolate Chip 5/8″ grosgrain ribbon and another vintage brad on the main image panel.  The panel is also attached to the card using dimensionals. 

I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday! 


All supplies are Stampin’ Up! and can be purchased on my website:

Stamps: Soft Summer
Paper: Kraft, Whisper White, Parisian Breeze, Chocolate Chip
Ink: Basic Gray, Old Olive, Cameo Coral, Summer Sun, Chocolate Chip
Accessories: sewing machine, vintage brads, natural hemp twine, dimensionals, stamp-a-ma-jig

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  1. Oh my word, they are gorgeous. Such pretty paper and images.

  2. esther schattschneider

    Jenn, Beautiful cards, as always! Regarding your son’s food allergies, you are correct that most processed foods contain wheat products…is there a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s in your area? Both have gluten free foods. Also, if you bake from scratch, there are rice flours sold in bulk at health food stores. The lactose free foods are more readily available…soy and rice milk, cheese, even “ice cream”. My mom was diagnosed both lactose- and gluten-intolerant at the age of 83!! talk about a whole new way of looking at food!! the good news is her symptoms have nearly all disappeared and she feels better than she has in years! Good luck! esther

  3. Try for resources and recipes. Gorgeous cards! Love that set so much.

  4. Jenn,
    Yor cards are lovely! Both of my children have allergies to dairy, egg and peanuts. I completely understand how overwhelming food allergies can be!
    A couple of great websites:

    This is an excellent cookbook for you to check out:
    The Food Allergy News Cookbook (available at

  5. Please contact me via I have numerous food allergies and have a ton of info I can share with you. It is NOT hopeless. You will not, however, find much help from “traditional” drs—the last allergist I saw said I couldn’t possibly have food allergies—guess what? He was grossly mistaken. Wheat, corn and soy are my top triggers! There are also grains that are cousins to wheat and can trigger reactions if someone is supersensitive. Looking forward to hearing from you. Blessings, Sharon

  6. Jenn, beautiful cards – love both of them. So sorry to hear about your son. I know that the gluten and casein free diets are not easy and you will have a steep learning curve, but you can do it. There are many resources right now and it sounds like you’ve already gotten some great advice. Good luck and {hugs} here are two other sources I’ve used, cooking for friends with similar diet restrictions.
    Gluten free trading company out of wisconsin at

    and a lady who has taken a gluten free casein free diet as a way of life for her family, while on a budget at

    She has many resources, ideas and recipes.

  7. Sorry to hear that you will need to change his foods but I’m happy you found out what he needs to avoid and hopefully this will help him stay healthy! I have a couple of friends who can’t have wheat and only buy gluten free products. Our big grocery stores here in Canada have an isle and a freeze section for those specific foods. I’m sure yours must too. Good luck with it all Jenn!

    Your cards are gorgeous BTW!!

  8. I love this butterfly card. Went straight into my scs favorites. 🙂 And…now I simply HAVE to get that Parisian Breeze paper!!

  9. Jenn, You did a wonderful job on these cards!!! And also got me to want this paper myself!!! TFS

  10. These are great cards. I especially like the first one with the butterfly. I also love the Parisian Breeze paper. I haven’t aeen or made a card that wasn’t beautiful just from using that paper.

  11. Jenn —
    I just found your site tonight while looking for inspiration for swap cards. Your cards take my breath away — they are so beautiful. First I found the “Comfort Today” sympathy card and then I went to your blog and I’m overwhelmed! Thanks so much for sharing your creations!
    You also have great ideas for customers. I hope you won’t mind if I use your corduroy button idea. I know I have customers interested in them but they don’t know which color to choose so often end up choosing none. But they’ll go for this idea I’m sure. THANKS!
    About finding products without gluten. My mom found out she had a gluten allergy when she was 79. Talk about hard to change! When I saw Esther’s note from a couple of days ago, I had to write. My mom loves bread and has had a hard time finding products that are as good as “real” bread. We found two companies now that are great. One is in WI. Is that where you live? I live in Duluth, MN. Grandma Ferdon’s bakery is in Hayward, WI. Check their website: They tell about the store and mail order. If you have a Whole Foods store nearby, they probably sell Gr. Ferdon’s items. My mom LOVES the white bread and pumpernickel bread, and once in awhile enjoys the cinnamon rolls. She’s also diabetic so that makes it tricky. She’s 85 now and is doing pretty well.
    The other company is Kinnikinick. They’re from Canada. I think I’m spelling that correctly, but there may be one more “c” in the name! They have a website. We buy their English muffins at Cub Foods and Super One Foods. They also have donuts, pizza crust, breads, etc.
    There’s also a place called the Gluten-Free Mall. You can get on their mailing list. If you have trouble locating them, write me and I’ll send you the link. Also, has gluten-free products, too. At least they did. I haven’t looked lately.
    Blessings to you and your family as you work through these health issues. I’m an allergy sufferer, too, so really feel for your son. Again, thank you for sharing your cards. Your creativity is a wonderful gift from God.
    Sincerely, Jan B

  12. Beautiful cards!

    I’m glad you’re finally getting some answers with your little guy, but sorry that he has come up with food allergies. I’m no help here.

    If you decide it is best to homeschool in the near future, look me up. I homeschooled my three boys through high school and would be happy to share my experience.


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