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*NOT* Closing down my blog

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Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers.  I really appreciate them.  While checking my e-mail for the first time in days. I came across an e-mail wishing my dad well but also let me know she is unhappy in the turn my blog has taken.  I will no longer be sharing my artwork here.  I am sorry that I have upset loyal readers, but with all that is going on in my life this is the straw that broke the camels back. 

“I wanted to explain why I am unsubscribing from your blog.  I’ve been a subscriber for a while and LOVE your projects.  They have been very inspirational to me.  That’s why I was so disappointed to read that you’re giving preferential treatment to facebook/twitter followers.   I’m not a fan of segregation in any form and although I do understand you wish to reward your facebook/twitter followers with exclusive videos and/or specials, I’m choosing not to participate.”

Thanks to all of you who have supported me over the years.  There will be no preferential treatment for my blog, twitter, or facebook users as I remove my artwork from the internet.

ETA: Thanks for all of you who have said that you would miss my blog if it were gone.  It’s been a long long few days.  I will consider posting when I do get back to creating.  Right now there is just no way for me to do it.  I will continue to keep you updated on my Dad’s progress as he needs many prayers still.  I really don’t know when I will have a chance to stamp again.  My first priority is my family and getting my Dad put back together again piece by piece and bone by bone. 


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  1. Dear Jenn, So sorry to hear you are shutting down your blog. I am one of your loyal followers, checking your blog daily. Your cards and creativity have been an inspiritation to me with my stamping. I also loved that you did so many SU cards as those are the products I buy and use. Good luck to you and keep on creating. I hope you will reconsider keeping your blog open for those of us you who are inspired by your ideas.

    Praying for your dad.

    NC Stamper

  2. Jenn-

    I am so sorry to hear this. I understand how you feel. I would be hurt as well. I see how much you put into it. I really enjoy your blog. It’s one of my favorites. I look forward to the feed every day. I will really miss you, your work and your blog. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Hopefully we will still see your artwork in your gallery on SCS.


  3. Jenn, I am so sorry that your feelings have been hurt. I have just recently found your blog, and love your work, so will be very disappointed to not have your inspiration, but that’s selfish of me. I’m sending positive thoughts for you, your family and your Dad. Take good care of yourself! Please know that for every hurtful comment, there are hundreds of people who admire and sustain you!

  4. Hi Jenn Hope your Dad is continuing to improve. I too am very disappointed to see you are doing away with your blog. I am not very computer savvy so I do not go to the other websites that you use. It was always easy for me to find you on AOL where I check out other blogs. I don’t know how to subcribe to You Tube, etc. I hope your videos will stay on this blog so I can still check them out. Thanks Marie

  5. kchristensen

    Jenn, I have enjoyed reading your blog for a long time. It’s unfortunate that one individual has made you feel bad about blogging. I wish you the best and hope your Dad improves. I’ll miss reading about your family and seeing your fabulous creations.

  6. 😦 Aw Jenn, don’t let one apple spoil the rest. You do a fabulous job! Some people aren’t happy unless they are complaining. ((((((((((((((hugs my friend)))))))))))))

  7. Oh Jenn I wish you and your family well and hope you dad will continue to improve. I appriciate all your efforts in making your daily post they are always very inspiring to look at. I will miss not having your blog around and on my side bar. You have one of the better blog out there. It take alot of time out of your day to run a blog. I appriciate all your efforts in this. I appriciate the tutorial on the light box. Mine has been working well. I would have never know about that if it wasent for your blog. Thanks again for have such a SWEET blog. I have enjoyed evey min of it.

  8. Blessings and hugs to you, Jenn. Continued prayers to your dad, your family and to you. I will miss your blog, but I know how stressful it can be, too. Keep doing what is best for you and know that your loyal fans and friends will continue to support you.

  9. Awwwwww…shucks. I’m bummed. I just enjoy your work…sharing snippets of your life. I hope you reconsider and continue to share your creative side. :c(

  10. Jenn I just want to let you know that you are one of my favorite blogs to check every day! You always have great ideas and I love that you use SU! products! I’m so sorry to hear about your dad and hope that he is doing well. I wish you would reconsider, but totally understand how you must feel. So sorry that one person had to spoil a good thing for the rest of us 😦 Take care Jenn.

  11. That’s a bummer, I subscribe to your blog, and just checked my blog reader, I have 18 saved posts of yours because I loved the cards in those posts so much. They inspired me, I’m hoping that once your blog is gone I will still be able to see the old saved posts in my reader. I hope your Dad is doing well. Your blog will be missed.

  12. Oh man. Blogs are so much work and I know you’re under a lot of stress right now, and needing to be with your dad in his time of need. It’s sad how one person can make us feel so rotten. Maybe after you’ve had a break you’ll come back if we beg hard enough? You have more important and positive things to do right now, but I can’t imagine not having your wonderful artwork to see as inspiration! If and when you’re ready, I’ll be here! Sending more prayers to your dad.

  13. Jenn, I am so sorry to hear that one person’s horrible and totally uncalled for comment has caused you to close down your blog (I tend to agree with Lesa – some aren’t happy unless they are complaining about something) – you are such an inspiration to me when I come here and hate to hear about this. Jenn, you are truly a wonderful person and always show your faith, joy and creativity with everything you post – this will be totally missed. I do hope you will reconsider closing down, but if not, I wish you and your family the best and will continue my prayers for your dads recovery. Hugs – Janet

  14. oh my word, Jenn! That’s awful!! I am soooooooooo going to miss your blog as I’ve been subscribed forever … Please reconsider? I know blogging is a lot of work and I understand that you’re perhaps overwhelmed right now but please don’t let one bad apple ruin the bunch? I hope your Dad is doing better. We love you and your creativity!!

  15. Jenn,

    All I can do is wrap you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    You are an inspiration to many; I am so sorry that you feel the best way to handle this situation is to close down your blog. Sometimes that final straw which breaks the camel’s back is the one which weighs the most and causes the most pain. I am so sorry you were the recipient of any type of criticism or chastizing by someone who enjoyed the heart you shared with us.

    The loss of your presence in the blog world will be felt deeply by those of us who appreciate the time and effort you share with us. How you chose or not to display your talent is totally up to you. I have been blessed and honored to follow your blog and read your tweets.

    Keeping you, and your family in my thoughts and prayers.


    Thank you for all you share with us, and know that your blog will be missed – I hope that you

  16. I will continue to pray for you, your Dad, your family, and the medical team working with you all. That is the most important.

  17. Jen so sorry that you have had to deal with someone who got a bee up their bonnet for such a silly thing, I have really enjoyed all the insperation you have offered.

  18. Heidi Meerdink

    Hi Jenn,

    I do understand your decision, but I am asking you as a devoted follower of your blog to please reconsider. I would be so disappointed if that person’s inconsiderate comment would cause you to stop sharing your artwork here. I love, love, love the artwork that you share here. I will remain a fan of your work regardless of your decision, but please, give some thought to reconsidering?? You are so talented, and it will leave a big gap in my day (seriously!) if your blog and your work isn’t part of my daily eye candy. I look forward to it every day.

    Thanks for all you do for this hobby. You ARE appreciated!

  19. JENNNN!!!!! NO!!!!! Don’t go !!! As a fellow blogger I know EXACTLY what you’re feeling right now !! Don’t let them have the upper hand…..stay strong !!! You are a HUGE talent and we would all suffer if you left !!!! I have found lately that some people have been unkind to those of us who take so much time to try and provide support and inspiration to others !!! I’m sure they have NO idea how much time, time & creativity that it takes to run a blog !!! So again…….PLEASE, JENN !!!!! DON’T GO !!!!! I’m sitting here crying thinking about how badly you’ve been hurt !! I’m so so so sorry for this person’s lack of sensitivity and tact !!! We love you, Jenn !!!!!!

    If you want to email me privately I’d love to talk more with you !!!
    Big Hugs of Support for YOU !!!!

  20. it’s too bad that you received a poorly written comment from one user, during a time when you’re already emotionally spent. your first thoughts should definitely be to your family, and i’m so hopeful your father recovers from his accident quickly.

    i urge you to take a little time off to take care of what’s important, then decide what to do here. i hate to provide advice, especially when none was asked for, but i [like many others who have already commented] enjoy reading your blog, and am inspired by your work.

    ultimately, it’s your blog – you can do what you want – you’re the boss 😉

  21. Hello Jen! I am a loyal follower of yours all the way from the Philippines. Even this far away you have inspired me, as you have others, in many ways. Thank you very much for having generously shared your time and talent with us. I hope this message serves as a small token of consolation for what you are going through at this moment, and also to convince you that there are many who believe in your creativity. It will be sad to open my email and not get notification that you have a new update and like many others I hope you will resume your blog after this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you across the ocean! GOD BLESS!!!!!!!


  22. Hi Jenn
    So sorry to hear about you closing your blog I follow your blog everyday some people are just so unkind in what they think they don’t know this person is just self indulge and really can’t appericate what you do in the to inspire others though your blog…prayers and thought go out to you and your family

  23. I am shocked! I vist your blog daily and enjoy your artwork so much. It’s too bad that 1 persons comments will change your thoughts on Blogging. I am following you on twitter. PLEASE DON’T CLOSE YOUR BLOG I love your artwork. Thanks for sharing.
    Melissa Tootle

  24. Please reconsider, Jen! You are one of my favorite blogs, and I would really miss it if it was gone. You are truly one talented chick.

    Please don’t let one inconsiderate person dictate what YOU do!

    Thinking of you and your dad….

  25. Jenn,

    In the immortal words of Maurice Sandak’s wild thing…… “please don’t go, we love you so”!!!

    Thoughts and prayers with your family.

  26. Jenn, I’ll be sad to not get your updates in my Google Reader. I wish that you would reconsider. We all have different opinions on things, but don’t let one person’s opinion make you stop being you or doing something you love! I feel bad because my husband is deployed and I can only post 2 or 3 times a week. I’ve lost almost all of my readers because of it, but really, my blog is a great way for me to keep track of where I’m going and where I’ve been – creatively speaking. I sure hope you’ll reconsider, but if you don’t want to continue, know that you will be missed. Your father is in my prayers. I know he is your priority, and best wishes to both him and you!!!


  27. Jenn,

    Please don’t close down your blog because of a comment from not a nice person. I am a loyal follower I visit your site daily. I love to see all of the things you come up with. I often wonder how you do it you have a new project every day. You inspire so many people including myself. Please don’t close your blog. You have to realize that you can’t please everyone every second of every day. If this person wants to unscribe then let them. Keep your blog going for the rest of us followers.

    I am sorry to hear about your dad. I hope and pray everything gets better for you and your family.

  28. Oh Jenn…..I am sooooo disappointed. I just subscribed to your blog….I LOVE it. I hope your stresses in your family with your dad get better…..but don’t let one unsubscriber make you feel bad. The rest of us LOVE it here!!!!

  29. I just found your blog late last night! I had bookmarked for when I had time to try your mini book. I hope your dad recovers. Wishing you all the best!

  30. Jenn,

    I truly hope you reconsider….don’t let one person’s comments get you down. You are so talented. And while your father is recovering I am sure there are so many of us that would much prefer to see something come up once in a while than for your blog to vanish all together. I wish you well and your father as well, My prayers are with you and your entire family that the Lord keeps you in his gentle hands, gives you favor and answers needs. Many Blessings,
    Patricia (new stamper:))

  31. Jenn, I hope your Dad is doing better. I have been thinking about you and your family 🙂 Once things are back in order think about why you have a blog, if if makes you happy to share your things then do it because of that and don’t even think about that one cranky person, Hugs, Sarah

  32. Jenn,

    Of course first and foremost is the recovery of your Dad. My prayers are with him, you and your family.
    I would like to say though that if you close your blog then this very selfish person will have won. As you can see from the comments here there are too many of us that will miss your creativity and the tips you share. I along with many others are hopeful that once your father is on the road to recovery and you are able to create that you will share with us again. I’m not super computer savy but I will find a way to learn how to follow you.

    God Bless,

  33. Hi Jenn,

    Wow, I am almost in tears reading this post as I have been a HUGE fan of yours for over a year, and check your blog daily. I am more upset about the pain and stress that you are experiencing and that some one could kick you that hard when you are down. Of course I will greatly miss all your amazing and inspiring projects if you do choose to never blog again, but you must think of you and your family first and I will keep your Dad in my prayers. Please remember why you starting blogging in the first place and that you have a whole community of crafters that love and suuport you.

  34. Dear Jenn:

    I have been meaning to post all weekend to send good vibes your way for your dad after reading about his accident. I guess reading this post totally forced my hand. I have been through my ups and downs these past three years when I have blogged…some of which I am glad I shared and some of which I shouldn’t have. However, what’s done is done. My blog is now more me (my kids, my craziness, etc.) and less about being a people-pleaser. If nothing else, given the amount of effort you put into your blog and creations, it seemed like you really enjoyed it. Don’t let what anyone says take that away from you. Plus, and I say this from experience, don’t let all the turbulence currently whirling around you to make too hasty a decision. Your blog may just be the thing to take your mind off of things when you most need it to be. All I am saying is don’t let anyone (particularly one so close-minded and selfish) to take this away from you. I almost did about two years ago and I am so glad I took a few days off and re-assessed.

    Anyway, I have blathered too much. All the best to you and yours…

  35. Jenn, I am in total SHOCK right now! Please Please Please don’t let ONE person’s comments keep you from doing & sharing what you love, and what you are really really good at! What WILL we do without your inspiring creations?! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now. I hope that you will make that your focus right now. When things are more normal for you, I pray that you will reconsider. THANK YOU for inspiring me more often than you even realize!

  36. Excuse my bad english, Jenn, but I want you to know that I pray for your family and I will cherish all your posts that you will be able to publish. Take time to love, family, support, balance, God with you!

    Hugs x x

  37. I just spent two days trying to find your blog because of something i found by accident a week ago. I think the person who posted that is afraid of technology.. it was downright mean of her to post that. Thanks for your great posts.. I was a newbee to your blog. 😦

  38. mary robinson

    You and your family are being held up in prayer. Once your life finds it’s new normal, I hope you will revisit your decision to give up your blog. You will be missed. Many of us are fans and appreciate this form of sharing. Thanks for all the inspiration you have so graciously shared.

  39. I hate to see you close your blog but I can understand. Family is very important and has to come first. Don’t worry so much about what others say we can not make everyone happy. Blogging and stamping are suppose to be fun and a stress relief so come back when it is fun again!!! You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!! God Bless!!

  40. Jenn,
    I have only recently discovered your blog and starred it as a favorite. I love what you do, what you create and the inspiration it provides. I check it every day and look forward to what you have created and what you have to say. I cannot imagine how difficulty life must be right now with your dad in the hospital and I do understand the need to put family first. But I must say it is my selfish wish that you reconsider blogging when the time is right. You are a talented and gifted lady who should never let one person’s opinion decide your fate. I’m sure you have heard that “you can’t please all the people, all the time.” Do know that you please many of us with the work you do.

    Be well,

  41. Jen,

    Your family comes before everything. Take care of your dad and come back to us when he is 110% better. You are an awesome blogger and you rarely go one day with out blogging. On days that I’m feeling blue I always now that I can count on you. All I simply have to do is visit your blog and you always have a new project or card that just brightens my day. You don’t know how many times your creations have put a smile on my face. Please don’t stop blogging.

    God bless you and your family!!!


  42. Jenn:
    Wow, this was a shocker. First of all, I agree with your decision to place your family before your business. I’m praying for you and your dad. I’ve learned a lot from you in the year or so that I’ve been reading your blog. I even feel like we are buddies and I look forward to read your updates, both professional and personal. There is something to this sisterhood of crafters that is very special. I hope that you will reconsider blogging, you are very good at it and I’m sure that your customers appreciate it as much as we do. Hang in there and don’t let one critism dictacte what’s best for you. I’ll miss your kid’s faces, maybe I’ll link up with you on facebook. God bless,

  43. Please don’t close down your blog! I visit every day and am just blown away by your creativity. Please, please reconsider…

    My thoughts and prayers are with your Dad, and your family.

  44. Dear Jenn,

    I am so sorry to hear about your father. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am also deeply saddened that you will be shutting down your blog. You can never please everyone- so don’t bother trying! Just be you and do what is best for you. If that means not having a blog anymore- then that is what you should do. I will miss your creative spirit and inspirations! I hope everything goes well with your dad. All the best to you Jenn.

  45. Jen,
    I am so sorry to hear about you dad. I hope he has a speedy recovery! You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I have really enjoyed reading your blog everyday. I love all of your Stampin’ Up! creations!

  46. Wishing you well, and hope all is better soon for your dad. We’ll be waiting for you to come back some day. I’m sorry someone had to post the comment that left you feeling upset. Take care!! hugs,Elaine

  47. Jen, thank youfor all your wonderful projects and cards that you have shared through your blog. You will be missed. I wish you and your Dad all the best, and pray that he has a quick recovery.
    God bless.

  48. So sorry to hear about your Dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and wishing him a speedy recovery.

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and absolutely LOVE all your creations. It is very sad that one person needs to be so hurtful that you feel the need to shut down your blog. It is your blog and if you want to cater to facebook, twitter followers, it’s your choice. You need to do whatever feels right for you and concentrating on your Dad and family is the most important thing at this time ( all the time really). I do hope someday you will feel better and want to share your creations again.

    Wishing you and your family all the best.


  49. Well, looks like everyone else has stated how I feel….I love getting up in the morning and seeing what you have posted! You are very creative, very inspirational, and I love everything about your blog….I love when you share your ‘life’ with us too! Sorry to hear about your dad’s accident – I hope he recovers well and I will say prayers for him.

    I hope that you will be able to revisit your thoughts about closing down your blog….I will miss it a lot and it looks like others feel the same. I’m glad that I found you, was able to support your SU business, and hopefully, this won’t be it.

    Take care of you, your family, and especially your dad!

    Sunny Florida!

  50. Hi Jenn…well I’m so happy that I was one of those people who did not see your “quitting” news before I saw your ETA !! I’m a subscriber that reads your blog every day and I LOVE your posts.

    I hope that your father’s health improves and that after your tiredness wears off, you will see that this was just a small blip in the road. Get rested when you can! Karen

  51. I must say that I too love your blog and will miss it if you choose to shut it down. But do what you feel is best. I will be praying that your dad makes a full and quick recovery. Remember to take care of yourself during this difficult time.

  52. Don’t let one bad apple spoil cobbler! You do awesome work and inspire many stampers! Take a break and be there for your Dad! You will feel better when you come back! We’ll be praying for you!

  53. ACK! I’d say that person was a little harsh Jenn and not to let them get to you. For every person who has a complaint I’m sure you have HUNDREDS of followers who adore your work and will continue to support you(putting my hand up!)….I get those every now and then too and I’ve learned to let them slide off my back but when you have so much on your mind(as you do) it’s just one more thing added to your worry load….am I making sense?

  54. NNNooooo!! Please re-consider keeping up with your blog! I love seeing your daily posts and projects, which are wonderful and inspiring. Best wishes to your Dad for a speedy recovery! Beth

  55. They might knock you down….but don’t let em knock you out!
    Prayers to you and your family.


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