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My Dad’s hip surgery went well even though it  started a lot later than we had originally anticipated.  They were supposed to start at 4:30 on Wednesday but didn’t even make the first incision until 9:30 at night.  We finally left the hospital after seeing my Dad at 3 am.  We got about 3 hours of sleep before heading back.  Somewhere in those 3 hours my Dad got irritated with being intubated and took it out itself.  They waited to see if he would do well breathing on his own, but that wasn’t meant to be.  He was re-intubated and sedated all day yesterday.  We need prayers that they will be able to wean him off of the ventilator today and that he can breathe on his own.  He can’t move forward with anything until we get through this step.  I finally came home last night after being at the hospital for the past 36 hours and I was awake for 33 of them so if my post jumps around please forgive me.  I’ll be headed back tomorrow to give my Mom a break and a chance to go home. 

Thanks for all of the prayers so far.  Please keep them coming!



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  1. Oh Jenn,
    I’m sorry you are having to deal with all this stress. I continue to pray for your family and a speedy recovery for your dad. ((((((HUGS))))))

  2. Thanks so much for the update. I have been thinking about you and your family. I will continue praying for all of you.

  3. Thanks for the update! I will continue to pray.

  4. Prayers and hugs, Jenn…

    x x Marie-Josée

  5. Prayers! Hope this issue is resolved very quickly and the road to recovery is not long.

  6. Still praying! I am glad that surgery is done. I hope he can breath on his own very soon! You get some sleep girl so you don’t get sick. (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

  7. Jenn, I hope you get some rest. My prayers are with you as you travel this road. Your priorities are definitely in the right place. We will all benefit from your creative endeavors whenever you get back to them, but in the meantime, be where you need to be. {{{HUGS}}}}

  8. Sending you hugs Jen – thoughts of you and your family…

  9. Jenn, I’m glad he finally got into surgery and my prayers are with your family and especially your dad, that things will go as they need to so that he can begin the healing process. Take care of yourself!!!

  10. Thanks for the update. Still sending good thoughts your way. Now, if only you could learn to catch a nap with your eyes open……. 🙂

  11. You and you family will be in our prayers!

  12. Dear Jenn,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please get some rest and take care of yourself so you are able to provide support to your family. Thank you for the update and I will continue to pray for his recovery.

  13. Just found your blog and am sending thoughts and prayers for your whole family. Here’s hoping all goes well for a quick and full recovery.

    I also wanted to say that I love all your work, it is obvious you enjoy your crafting.

  14. I hope and said a prayer that your father is able to breath on his own very soon. Do take care of yourself and try and get some sleep.

  15. I follow your blog and enjoy your creations. Sorry about your Dad. I hope you can get some sleep and that he keeps getting better. Take care of yourself.

  16. Lots of prayers and well wishes coming your way! Remember to take care of yourself too!

  17. Hang in there girlfriend! Sending you hugs, prayers and many wishes for getting him well!!!

  18. Jenn, I will keep sending up prayers for your family and dad. Please take courage during this time. God is in control and hears our cries.

  19. Kathy Thomas

    Continuing to pray for your family. For your strength and health as you encourage and help your parents.

  20. niva-jean Poland

    Please know that we will be praying for you that all will be well.

  21. Diane Cooper

    Healing wishes coming your way…

  22. Dear Jenn……..please know we are all praying for your dad, you and your family ! Please take care of yourself through this journey.

    Wish I could hug you…

  23. Jenn, still praying for your dad and his speedy recovery. Also praying for the whole rest of your family to get through this as well!!!!


  24. Jenn

    I have been away from the internet for about a week now because I was busy working on a big project. It is finally done and had a few minutes to catch up
    on my blogs….when I read yours….I went “OH! NO!”…

    First of all, if you don’t want to be on facebook or twitter (in my case too) you
    do not go there….you are still going to have your blog right? So all the inspiration
    is here. I didn’t read anywhere in your post that you wouldn’t continue here, you
    were just adding them to your sidebar right? so …..What’s the problem? Notta!

    I am glad you decided to continue your blog. You are a great inspiration for demos
    that do not have an Upline’s support! Thank you for that!

    BTW hope all is well with DAD and he will be in my thoughts and prayers for a very
    speedy recovery.

    Stampingly yours,

  25. I’m sending every ounce of good energy I have to your dad, Jenn. I know it’s hard in a situation like this but try not to let yourself get too run down. If you need ANYTHING, let me know.



  26. Sending you big hugs and keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers Jenn!


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