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A Few More RAK's

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I have a few more RAK’s that my Dad opened and I had a chance to photograph. I think I hit the end of the pile. Again thanks to everyone who sent Get Well Wishes! My Dad got good news today! He had his evaluation and he got a day pass to go home on Sunday. Roger, the boys and I are going up to have a cookout with him. He hasn’t been home in nearly 2 months. The other part of the good news is that it looks like he will be released to do therapy on an outpatient basis in just 2 weeks from this Friday! The therapists are happy with his improvement and are going to teach him how to go up and down stairs. I have no idea how you do that when you can’t put any weight on your right leg, but it will be interesting to see how he does this.

Today was a beautiful day! I took Colin to swimming, we came home to eat lunch and then outside to enjoy the weather before some of my new Stampin’ Up! stuff was expected to arrive.  It’s unseasonably cool here – low 70’s cool . . . so I sat watching the boys, enjoying the weather and I had a If You Give a Mouse a Cookie moment.  It went like this . . .

“If you give a girl cool weather, she will sit looking at her flower bed.  She will then decide that she needs a new flower bed by the mailbox, so she’ll drag out her Midwest landscaping book.  When she gets the book she’ll see an idea she likes, so she’ll drag out a garden hose to mark the edge of the new bed.  When she marks the edge of the new bed, she’ll get a shovel and start to dig out the grass.  When she starts to dig the grass she will realize that there is no turning back now, so she’ll keep on digging and will tell her kids to smash the bits she dug out to break off as much soil as possible.  She will then realize that it’s a lot more work than she should have bitten off for the afternoon, but there is no turning back now.  So she’ll keep on digging grass and wish that it wasn’t so hard to get an established lawn dug out.  She’ll fill an entire wheelbarrow full of dug out grass.  When she’s finished digging out the grass, she’ll drive the kids to Lowes to buy some black dirt.  When she buys the black dirt she’ll have to buy some flowers to go with it.  She’ll take the flowers and black dirt back home.  The dirt goes down easily, but the holes aren’t as easy to dig.  She’ll continue to dig into the extremely rocky soil and will plant all of her plants.  When she’s done planting her plants she’ll need some mulch to put down.  She’ll pack the kids back up and go to Menards because the mulch will match the stuff she’s put down in her other planting beds.  During this whole time it’s started to drizzle so she’s tired and dirty and now wet.  She’ll take the mulch back home and put it down around her flowers.  When she’s done it will stop raining so she’ll have to drag out the hose.  When she turns on the hose it will start raining again.  She decides she needs a shower,  so she’ll  park the kids with a snack in front of the TV.  When she’s done with her shower she’ll take the kids outside to look at the flowers.  When she looks at the flowers she’ll start to plan her next flower bed . . . “

Needless to say I didn’t even play with my new Stampin’ Up! stuff and I’m too sore to move now.  Hopefully after swimming tomorrow I’ll have a better plan.  No more digging out grass for a while.  I will take a photo when the rain stops so you can see my Wednesday afternoon project. 


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  1. Cute story! Glad to hear you dad is doing so well. Enjoy your new flowers!

  2. You are funny!!! Can’t wait to see the pics of your new flower bed!! And great to hear the news on you Dad!!! Awesome!

  3. Too funny!!! I enjoyed reading your flower story, sounds just like me!!!

  4. WOW, those are some lovely RAKs your dad got!

  5. Too funny! We read all the “If you give a ….” books too, so I particully enjoyed your blog today. I have had a few of those “bright ideas” that at the mid point I was wondering what was I thinking!!! ( like painting my kitchen the day before Christmas Eve.. because I wanted the house to be perfect!) So glad your flower bed turned out great. Take time to relax today!


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