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Give Away Winner and Summer Flowers

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As promised I have photos of my summer flowers. This patch is right outside of our front porch and is seen from the front door all of the time. I love the mix of yellow, purple and orange flowers. I think my favorite are the Blazing Stars. They grow over 3 feet tall and bloom with delicate purple flowers. The bumble bees love them too and I have always been fascinated watching them fly around and collecting pollen. I also have Shasta Daisies, Purple Cone-flowers, Moonbeam Coreopsis and other butterfly attracting plants.

I started planting these flowers 5 years ago when we moved in. I buy only gallon plants so it has taken some time for them to fill in. Other plants have been divided from my Mom’s perennial garden. I only plant perennials because I want plants that come back year after year. The plan for next year is to get some lower flowering plants to put up in the front of the garden, closer to the sidewalk to fill it all in.

Today is the day I pick the $40 Give Away winner. This lucky person gets to chose new home decor items thanks to Living Rooms Direct. I hope you enjoy your new living room furniture or whatever you choose to pick.  I used to pick a winner and the lucky number is 10.  Congrats to:

Tanja Fussell

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Make sure to come on back for the Tour de Freaks!



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  1. Oh wow, Jenn! Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!! I’d love to sit out there and just admire them all day long! TFS!

  2. Love the flowers! We just put in our landscaping last fall so this year I started planting…mostly by moving wild plants from elsewhere on our property, which is full of mountain wildflowers, which include purple coneflowers and liatris (the purple spikes, same as yours!). We have the same taste! Your front porch is a very beautiful place to relax!

  3. I am soooooooo jealous of ur beautiful floral oasis!! Here in Australia (Sydney) it is cold and wet, and when the sun IS out…there ain’t much warmth…so seeing ur magnificent blooms warmed me greatly. Thanks for sharing this wee snippet of paradise.

  4. Your garden is fabulous!! And beautiful!! Wish I was your neighbor… except I’d pester you for gardening help. LOL Anyway, your garden is just another way your artistic talent shows.

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