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Filling Orders and a Sick Child

This past weekend was my last Craft and Vendor Fair. It was held at Evan’s school along with their annual Cookie Walk. I was there both Saturday and Sunday. While there I sold out of my Post It Note Wish Lists and had an order for 18 more. Here is what I’ve been working on for a good portion of today. I know I shared these with you a few weeks ago, but it’s what I’m working on again. 

Saturday night I should have known Colin wasn’t feeling well when he didn’t come to dinner.  Starting at 11 pm he asked for water almost every hour so we’d give him a little drink.  Around 1 am the stomach bug hit and we’ve been washing sheets almost around the clock since then.  Yesterday he ate 5 saltines and that was it.  He has been drinking a lot of lemon lime soda so he’s getting some calories from sugar and is keeping hydrated along with all of the water he is drinking.  Today he finally ate a few times and has kept it down.  Chicken noodle soup and saltines are our foods of choice right now. His fever hasn’t come back since 6:30 this morning so hopefully he’ll be well enough to go to school tomorrow because he’ll have not had a fever for over 24 hours by then if the fever stays away.

Evan has been fairing pretty well.  He’s had strict orders to stay away from his brother and is not allowed to use the boys bathroom and has to stick to ours even though I sanitize everything almost every time Colin leaves the bathroom.  Lysol and Clorox are my constant companions and my hands are suffering from that.  We started Evan on a new nutritional supplement about a month ago and he’s doing well with that.  I think it’s working for him.  He now gets nutrition from 7 fruits and 10 veggies a day even if we can’t get his picky little self to eat the actual thing.  *Knock on wood*, he’s been well for almost 3 weeks now, a month on Friday if we make it, and that’s not been the norm since the beginning of September. 

I just wrapped up the 18 Wish Lists and have a few more loads of sheets to do, a bathroom to re-sanitize and dinner to figure out still.  I didn’t get to go grocery shopping this weekend.  I think we’ll have chicken noodle soup since I did buy several cans of that.   Tomorrow I’ll start on a new project – or maybe I’ll start planning my Artisan Award entries for next year.


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  1. These are super cute! So sorry to hear about your sick kiddo! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that your other one doesn’t get it! Wishing you a very happy and healthy holiday! Thanks for sharing all your fabulous projects! you rock!

  2. You amaze me how much you get done. Thanks for all you do. I hope your boys are healthy all the rest of the month. Merry Christmas.

  3. Michelle Degener

    Love the post it note could you tell me how you made them. I nedd a few easy gifts. My email is Thanks

  4. These are adorable! I love the non-traditional colors!

    chanda stehlik


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