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I should know better

than to open my big mouth.  Evan got the stomach bug last night and spiked a fever as of 4 am this morning.  Roger is also sick and I’m not far behind.  After a Dr. visit Colin has an ear infection and a throat infection.  Evan has a throat infection and they ruled out Influenza A and B for both of them but the tests aren’t 100% accurate.  It may be mycoplasma aka walking pneuomia, so if that were the case we are all infectious.  I’m hoping it’s just a viral infection that runs its course and we are all better by Christmas. 

No paper crafting today . . . just a trip to the pharmacy to pick up heavy duty antibiotics.


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  1. Mary Beth Phillips

    Hey Jenn, here’s hoping it just sticks around your house as long as it did ours! Feel better soon:) ((HUGS)) Mary Beth P. (aka the former “stampinsspace.typepad”) Happy Holidays!!

  2. Jenn: Hope this finds all of you feeling just a bit better and praying that you all will be well or at least felling okay by Christmas. I remeber the year I had German measeles at Christmas combined with Bronchitis and we could not make our annual trip to the godparents……..everyone was glum, especially me. But what the heck I was only 4. Blessed Christmas and New Year to you and your family.

  3. Hope you are all feeling better! I know it must be awful to be sick at this time of year.
    Have a Merry Christmas!!


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