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Thanks Sweet Pea

Do you know what I did today?  A whole lot of stuff.  After taking Colin and Evan to the bus stop and to school I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things I couldn’t find yesterday.  I came home, made a nice healthy breakfast and then stamped.  Yes, you heard that right, I stamped!  It felt wonderful.  I needed to knock out my Christmas Thank You cards and I made 7 of these in under an hour.  Picking my colors took the longest of all, but when I decided to use the new Sweet Pea Designer Series paper stack it was a lot easier.  This stack will be available tomorrow!  The sketch is from Clean and Simple Stamping and it’s Fall to Layout 72.

If you’d like to make this card here are my measurements:
Pretty in Pink 4 1/4 X 11 scored at 5 1/2
Taken with Teal 4 3/4 X 3 1/2
Kraft 4 5/8 X 3 3/8
Sweet Pea Strips 3 3/8 X 1 (2 pieces of 2 different patterns) and 3 3/8 X 1 1/2

It’s very simple to put together.  Attach your patterned paper strips.  I ended up overlapping the Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Chip layers a bit so you could probably cut the Chocolate Chip down to 3/4″ instead of 1″.  Stamp your sentiment on the bottom right.  Tie on a ribbon, add paper piercing and a bow and then attach to your card base with dimensionals.

I also want to Thank all of you for your fabulous support to my 2010 Refocus post.  It’s nice to hear that some of you were at the same point in your stamping at one point and made similar decisions.  Some of you are also contemplating the same things.  Just know that once you are at peace with your decision it’s probably the right one.  I’m still hoping on stamping on a daily basis.  I can say that it was refreshing to just sit down and stamp today with nothing else in mind besides needing Thank You cards. 

I mentioned that this year I’m looking at the Blessings in my life and hope to do so on a daily basis.  So far here are the blessings I have found:
1/1/10: Being warm and comfortable in my home on a 10 degree day.
1/2/10: Seeing the sun shine on the frozen snow and knowing I didn’t have to go out in it.
1/3/10: Having my kids ask me to read to them and enjoying every minute of it.
1/4/10: School starting again and the kids being excited to go back and see their friends.
Hopefully as the year goes on I’ll remember to keep up my list. I probably won’t post them every day, but I’ll add them to a post a few at a time. I’m working on making a Blessings Journal so I can add them to that and be able to go back and review them as the year goes on.

Since I’ve mentioned a refocus on my blog and my family life I also want to mention a new focus I have for myself in hopes of finding a few people to join me and keep me motivated in my journey. The weekend after the Christmas holidays ended I took the steps and joined Weight Watchers.  Thirteen years ago I made the same decision and lost 30 pounds.  Over the last 13 years they’ve crept back on.  My goal is to lose them by December 31, 2010.  I’m doing this by watching what I eat and making sure I make better decisions about what I put into my body as well as exercising at least 30 minutes 5 times a week.  Over the past week I’ve focused on eating tons of fresh fruits and veggies and my sugar/non-healthy carb cravings are at a minimum.  After all of the sweets of the holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas it’s time to end that destructive streak.  There aren’t many meeting locations in my area so I joined online only right now.  If you’d like to join me in eating healthier, exercising more and losing weight I’d love to have a few people to work along with for motivational purposes.  You can follow whatever plan you want.  I’m looking at this as a life-style change and not as a diet.  The word diet makes me want to fail from day 3.

Well I hope you have a great start to your week.  I’ll be back tomorrow with something new to show you.

Stamps: Trendy Trees
Paper: Pretty in Pink, Taken with Teal, Kraft, Sweet Pea dsp
Ink: Chocolate Chip
Accessories: dimensionals, stamp-a-ma-jig, mat pack, Rich Regals brads, Soft Suede polka dot ribbon

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  1. Just wanted to encourage you with your weight-loss goals. I joined W/W last February and I have lost 56 pounds. I still have some pounds to go, but I am determined to change my eating habits and life. I wish you the best and as my lecturer says every week, ” hope to see less of you in the future”. Nancy

  2. Very cute card! Good luck with WW. I know it works – I couldn’t budget for it this year, but I’m trying my hardest to do it on my own. Anyway – best wishes and love the card – I’m going to have to check out that sketch!

  3. Love the card Jenn! WW Online is how I lost my weight about 4 years ago…I’ve kept most of it off but have about 5 (okay…maybe 10) or so that I really need to let go of right now. My DH and I decided that today is our last day to splurge (can you say steak Gorgonzola?) and then we will refocus to better eating. Honestly, I haven’t felt good eating all the crap (there I said it…crap) foods anyway so I’m sure I’ll be better all around! I know you will do just great…you aren’t just changing your eating but also other things in your life that sometimes make it harder to eat well. Anyway, you will do a GREAT job!

  4. Hi Jenn, I also have done WW and have recently put some weight back on. I started today, back to healthy, clean eating and both cardio and strength training. I would love to join you on your journey. 🙂 Hugs, Sarah

  5. jenn, way to go! i’m just a few pounds away from goal…WW is the way go! you’ll help me stay motivated…thanks!:) i’m just getting back to catching up on things i’ve missed. way to go refocus like you need to…it’s hard sometimes isn’t it!? good luck. hope you have a great new year!! great card…love the colors, they are delicious!! have a great one friend!!

  6. Hi Jenn,
    I am with you! My goal is for 60lbs to come off this year. I know we can do it! Right now I am attempting my luck at going to bed earilier, getting a good nights sleep and getting up earlier to excercise. By doing that 4-5 times per week I will have 1/2 the battle won! I will be encouraging you every step of the way!

  7. Hi there, you dont know me, but my name is Melissa and I am from Australia. I am a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and became a weight watchers life time member EXACTLY 13 years ago LOL. The sad thing is i was only 21 and didnt learn the lessons I would need to carry me through life, so now that xmas is over and I have just gone up to the next dress size AGAIN i will be starting back at weight watchers for next weeks meeting. I have over 40 KGs to lose now, so I will be doing this journey with you also, I wont wish you luck(no luck involved in losing weight) as I know it all comes down to hard work, so I will wish you all the strength to go forward on this juorney instead, and i will hopefully have the guts to start blogging it to keep it real. Thanks for the inspiration, and hopefully get to travel this journey with you.
    Nice to meet you
    Melissa 🙂

  8. I am new to this blog and wanted to tell you that I love your card from January 4th. I was just wondering what stamp you used on the top “Kraft” card stock.
    Since you are also looking for support for a positive lifestyle change, I want to share that I have come across an incredible technique recently that could be just what you are looking for to help you loose the pounds and keep them off. Check out the website . The DVD that is for sale there gives an introduction to the meridian tapping technique. If you watch it, you will be awed as to what you will be capable of. the companion book from Dr. Carrington will be necessary though to learn the technique propperly. I am sure when you read on the homepage what meridian tapping is, you will understand what I am trying to tell you. Perhaps I should mention that I have no affiliation with this tapping website. I am just hooked on the technique. Sheer amazing and it works for me. 🙂


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