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Snow, Snow and More Snow

Today I didn’t even make it into my stamping space. It started snowing last night and today I’ve used the snow blower on the driveway 3 times. The first two times there were at least 2″ on it each time. So maybe it will help me feel warm to share some more of My Digital Studio scrapbook pages. This is the one I made for May. Colin had just gotten his Mohawk haircut for summer. I figure it can’t hurt if I let him get it out of his system now rather than later. Plus summer vacation was just starting.

In June we had a tea party for Colin and Evan and their two favorite bears. They loved the set up and played nicely with it for hours. I think we still have the hats around somewhere.

Where ever you are I hope you are snug and warm inside of your houses as most of the continental United States is in a deep freeze right now.  Evan’s school has already called off school for tomorrow.  He doesn’t go on Fridays anyway but I probably wouldn’t have ventured out in this if he did.


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