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Have I ever mentioned?

That I find it hard to stamp when it’s cold outside? That I like to organize? That I get easily off track? Well all of those things are true and I’ve been slacking these last few days. My stamp room is in the basement and we have a great southern view on our home. While the sun warms the inside of our house (upstairs at least) the heat doesn’t have to run much and we stay nice and toasty warm. The downside to that is that the heat doesn’t kick on much and the basement stays chilly. My stamp room is in the basement and I’ve found many excuses not to go downstairs these last few days. I also like to organize, make lists and check things off of those lists. I printed out a new cleaning schedule and while I’ve liked staying on task it also includes things like dusting windowsills and picture frames. When I got started on that I noticed that the bathroom light fixtures were dusty, as well as the ceiling fans and the tops of my cupboard doors. I got all of that dusted and my cleaning list is up to date. That also means less time to spend in the cold depths of my basement. This morning I did go downstairs to stamp, but then I got a phone call from a customer looking to pick up items that came in yesterday. I came upstairs to wait and then got distracted on the computer afterward.

Lucky for you and me I still have pages to show from my 2010 calendar and many of you have mentioned that you like seeing these. Here are two more for today. In July we went to Fair Oaks Farm. It is about 45 minutes to an hour away from us in Indiana.  We’ve driven by it many times but never actually stopped in.  The kids loved it!  They have an entire Dairy experience, you can view calves being born, see where the cows live, watch them get  milked and then buy and eats lots of cheese.  If you are a fan of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe you probably even saw it on TV at one point in time.  My July page shows a few of the photos I took that day.

Here in Illinois, school starts in mid to late August. This was the first year both Colin and Evan went to school. Evan started on the 18th, Colin on the 19th so their photos were taken a day apart. Evan started on a nice sunny day, Colin’s day began with rain.  Here they are headed off to 3 year old Preschool and 1st grade. 

Well tomorrow I’m going to stamp no matter what.  I am going to take Evan to school and then come home and enjoy my time alone in my stamp room with no one and nothing to deter me.  It’s also week 2 of my weight loss journey so I’ll check in with that.


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  1. Hi Jenn…I ran across your blog today and was pleasantly surprised to see Fair Oaks Dairy Farm on it. I live about 18miles north of there in Lowell. I’m glad the kids enjoyed it!


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