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More 2010 Calendar Pages

This morning I had every intention of stamping, but unfortunately I haven’t gotten into my stamp room yet. Colin has been making more and more friends when he’s in school and has been asking to play with them after school. He’s been talking about a neighborhood boy and inviting them over, but I have one rule. I need to know the parents and talk to the parents first. So yesterday Colin exchanged information with a friend and I spent the morning talking to his mom, which was very nice because I don’t get to have many adult conversations in real life. Most of them take place online, and while that is nice, it’s completely different to be able to hear the other person’s voice and have a conversation that way as opposed to typing it out. So that means today I’m going to share 2 more of my 2010 calendar pages.

This first page is from Colin’s 1st Tooth Fairy visit. He had a tooth come loose and he played with it so much it fell out a day later. He was excited to have the Tooth Fairy come and visit. He wanted a photo of the hole in his smile and Evan wanted to get in on the action.

The October page is obviously about our Halloween experience. Evan was Batman and Colin was Dan from Bakugan.  I think next year I’m going to buy Colin a costume that is one size bigger than he wears because after he bundled up his costume was way too short.  The end result was the same, they came home with lots of sugary sweets, so he didn’t seem to mind.  This was also the first year Colin seemed interested in carving a pumpkin and he wanted Sonic.  They found a pattern online and we got to carving.  I think we did a pretty good job and Colin was very proud of his pumpkin.  It received a lot of comments from the kids in the neighborhood too.

I can’t wait for this weekend.  We have 3 days off!  Both Colin and Evan have birthday parties to attend, Sunday the only thing we have is church and on Monday, Colin and his Cub Scout troop are going to check out a local radio station and see how it works behind the scenes.  I myself am planning to stamp a lot and get ahead on my projects.


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  1. MDS makes pages so quick and easy! Love your calendar…so fun 🙂 Thanks for posting your blog on Stampin’ Connection.

  2. These calendar pages are so cute! And your boys are adorable! I’ve been too busy making a slideshow for my sister-in-law’s wedding on MDS, I haven’t had the chance to try out a calendar. Now I HAVE to! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for joining our thread on Stampin’ Connection!

  3. I love your layouts, so clean and love the photos of the boys!

  4. More adorable photos, loving these calendar pages.


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