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Neighborly Birthday and Update on Figaro

I want to thank you all for the advice and support you gave me over my post last week regarding our cat. We made the appointment to take him in and when it came down to it we couldn’t do it. Instead we’ve been monitoring his whereabouts in the house and making sure that bedroom doors are closed and he can’t get into them if we aren’t here.  I don’t know if we’ve made the right decision or not, but we’ll see how things go.  He was the first animal that Roger and I adopted together.  I came into the relationship with a dog and then we adopted Figaro, our loving yet naughty cat.  The kids were heartbroken with our telling them that he’d have to find another place to live, and I was heartbroken thinking of what we were going to do with him.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had to put a pet down, about 13 years, and she was suffering from a rare bone cancer in her skull.  It’s a hard decision to make and one I can’t make lightly.  So for now, I’m hoping Figaro behaves and can stay with us for a few more years.  He still has some left.

Today I got to stamp.  I combined the Clean and Simple Challenge of using Teal, white and another color.  I chose Old Olive and then threw in some Soft Suede, so I sort of cheated on that one.  I paired it up with the 2 Sketches for You sketch.  I had just gotten the Sale-a-Bration set Good Neighbors and it hadn’t seen ink yet and used my Occasions Mini set Well Scripted, it’s my favorite sentiment set from the mini.  I’m loving the new Clear Mount sets!  They are so easy to line up.

This week you are likely to see a lot of Birthday cards.  Every year I donate a basket of handstamped cards to the silent auction for Aquinas Catholic Academy.  I got my cards in the box and sorted out and realized I either used or sold all of my Birthday cards over the last few months.  Therefore I need to fill in a few holes of missing occasions, wrap the box up and send it off to the auction.  I also have to get our class basket over too, but it weighs a ton. 

Tomorrow is weigh in day, I have a Dr. appointment and hopefully after that I’ll have a chance to post.  See you then!


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  1. Just a suggestion for your cat. They tend to go potty after eating; therefore, it often helps with one that doesn’t always use their box to put the litter box and the food in a bathroom or laundry room. Divide the daily food into 3 portions…feed 3 times a day and close the cat up with their litter box for a while. Hoping you find a solution that works for you.

  2. Hi Jen!

    I really felt for you when I first read your post the other day……….you really are in such an aweful position!

    I am an animal lover (have 2 poodles, 2 cats, 1 fish and 2 handraised cockatiels who talk! lol) and these animals are such a big part of my life and I couldnt ever imagine my life without them in it.

    Have you tried talking to a cat expert (if such a person exists!) to see if they have any advise to help make things a little easier for you!

    I wish you so much luck!

    Karen – Australia

  3. HI Jenn. While I’ve not had the “outside the box” issue, we have a cat that had bladder issues/blocking. The first vet…catheterized the cat at least 5 x in as many months!! Won’t even talk about cost!!! Fired first vet, found new & AWESOME vet!!! She told me that we need 1 more box than we have cats—you may know/have tried all of these but its worth it to pass it on!); I also tried a variety of litters as well as Cat Attract and literally tracked who used which box with which litters. Also covered vs. uncovered boxes! We also discovered that Inky has anxiety issues and, for whatever reason, hydrocodone (sp? liquid med) every now and then in half the dose she rxd, works! We tried a # of drugs -including kitty prozac before we hit on this. He’s been bladder issue free for 1 year! She has no clue as to why it works–its effects are short term but it trips something in his little brain that helps him. Oh-and try Feliway—its a pheremone plug in thing-put it where the cats are most (we have 3). I didn’t believe it worked-two of ours start fighting the very second it runs out! It also helps with anxiety. This vet consulted with a cat bladder specialist, a behavioral specialist and tried everything imaginable to help us—and we eventually found the solution! It may mean keeping a diary of sorts to figure it out, but I am glad you’re willing to hang in there! It may just be a matter of a whole different approach and/or vet. I also added Bach Flower Essence Star of Bethlehem (for anxiety and trauma) and Rescue Remedy (same). These are homeopathic and while (most) vets don’t subscribe to homeopathic, this vet told me it certainly couldn’t hurt & to go for it! Best of luck.Here to commiserate-I was afraid my hubby would say “enough” with the vet expenses but he didn’t and Inky is happy and content (curled up next to me as I type! Blessings, Sharon

  4. I have no advice for you about your cat other than you must do what is best for your family and only you and your DH knows what that would be. Good luck with that decision!

    Now…the card…it is FANTASTIC!!! Here I sit and sit and sit trying to figure out what to do with that set and you make this super cute card…great job! :o)

  5. Hi there Jenn,
    I know nothing about cats so I really cant help you out there sorry,
    Your card is just lovely, and I am loving that set, may make that one my first saleabration set lol. you did a great job
    Lastly just wanted to let you know that I weighed in tonight and have lost 1.9 kgs( I think that is around 4lbs I am guessing) in my first week. So am happy! Will check back with you in a couple of days to see how you went. TTFN

  6. Just darling! LOVE those Stampin’ Up stamps! Thanks for playing along this week at 2S4Y! 🙂 Kathy

  7. What a cute card! I love the way you mix and matched the colors of the houses and their rooftops!! And that grass adds the perfect finishing touch!! Great work!

  8. Very cute card!! Love this color combo, so bold and catchy!

  9. perfectly perfect!!!


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