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Happy Birthday Moments Part II

We’re not snowed in yet. I’d say we probably got about 3 inches overnight but the worst is yet to come today. I was hoping the snow storm would just pass us right over. They are predicting 8 – 12 inches by the time the storm ends and near blizzard like conditions tomorrow with winds between 20 – 30 mph. Colin had school today but we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

The recipe for this card is the same as the post from yesterday. I used the same Sweet Sunday Sketch and the same supplies on both of these cards. See yesterday’s post for all of the details. The stamp set is Happy Moments and I have the clear mount version.

Cross your fingers that we’re not snowed in tomorrow. I’m going to head out and get a little more snow off of the sidewalks so if they decide to call an early dismissal day Colin can walk home from the bus stop.


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  1. I’m not a purple lover but I do love this card! It just all fits together so beautifully. Wow. Also, thanks for the words of encouragement. I’ll admit that I had a McDonald’s burger while I was on vacation and felt totally guilty. I want to get to my goal so that when I eat “bad” things I’ll still maintain through exercise and eating right other times. This week I too hope to lose three pounds. Wish me luck.


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