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Beautifully Inspired Birthday

When you spend most of your days running from here to there it’s nice to have a day or two where you don’t go anywhere. That’s what Evan and I are doing today. We went to Starbucks, I got coffee, he got his free pastry for Free Pastry Day and then we came home and while I cleaned the bathroom, Evan took a bath. He’s back in his PJ’s and I’m stamping.

Today I wanted to go for nice soft spring colors but I added a pop of Pumpkin Pie with the butterflies.  This card is made using Mercy’s Sketch.  I’m not one to use crooked panels.  I’m a follow the lines, clean cut sort of stamper, but I decided to push myself a bit.  I’m in a stamping slump right now.  That often happens when I feel the pressure to make things perfect and my Artisan Award entries are scattered all over my stamping space in various forms of being finished.  I’m just not feeling it this year and I may not end up sending anything in.  We’ll see.  I figure I have until April 6th to Priority Mail my items.  I’m going to sit down this weekend and figure out what I want to send, what I need to finish and if I need to make more things. 

Evan is saying he’s hungry so I guess I better throw some lunch together.


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  1. This is so pretty Jenn!

  2. This is SO pretty! Love how you outlined the images, you’ve got me wanting to get this set out again! I think you rocked this challenge!


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