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Tissue Paper Flowers

Today was a half day of school so after Colin got home from the bus I surprised by the boys by taking them to the store to pack an impromptu picnic and then headed to the park to eat and play. They had a blast and we all go tired out. When we came home we all sat down, each with our own books and just read for hours. Well I read for hours and the boys read for half the time, played part of the time and then I let them play their DS games because they behaved so well.

Then I started on more flowers. Colin’s music teacher e-mailed me and said they’d like to decorate for the Spring Concert with Tissue Paper flowers in pastel colors. I told her they were easy to make so I volunteered to do that. I took a photo of one of them but it really does not do them justice. The concert is next week and I’ll take photos of the gym all decorated.  Colin is excited because he’s Chicken Little and has the first part of the entire play. 

I’m going to go back to making cards tomorrow.  I just wanted to share my latest project.


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  1. Awesome flower. I’ll have to look up the instructions. With Mother’s Day coming, it would be nice to have these floating around our luncheon!

  2. your tissu flower is wonderful !!!

  3. This is so gorgeous! Will you please tell us how? I lead a brownie troop and we are having a mother’s day tea. I wanted to have the girls make corsages for their
    mom’s and I really don’t know how. Thanks so much for sharing!! Julie


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