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Finishing a HUGE Project

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I don’t know about you but in the midst of working on a huge project – say planning Teacher Appreciation Week for 30 teachers – the stress of getting all of the details to fall into place keeps me going.  Yesterday I brought in Taco Johns for a lunch buffet and stayed to make sure that the teachers during all 4 lunches had everything they needed.  I was lucky to bring in a fabulous person to help who has done this all before.  Today I have a Trendsetters, a local cosmetology school, giving all of the teachers manicures over their lunch break.  Plus I have 3 more activities to go this week.  It never fails when I work on something this big that when all of the stress is gone and I allow myself to relax I inevitably get sick.  I went to bed early last night and tossed and turned all night as my throat got more sore with each swallow.  I convinced myself it was just allergies and ran 4 miles this morning.  While the hour long exercise stint cleared up my head it didn’t do anything but make my throat more dry and scratchy. Now that I’m running a fever I figured it would be best to give the Doctor a call and I’m going in at 4:30 today to see what is going on.  My best guess is that I have a nice case of strep throat starting.  I’ve always been prone to it, but it’s been years since I’ve had it.  Needless to say I have no energy or motivation to stamp.  I’m just so happy that my HUGE project is finished and all of the teachers are enjoying it!


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  1. Oh gosh hun, hope you feel better soon. A strain of strep is making its way around here in Tn.

  2. Diane Cooper

    Wow! What an undertaking!!!!
    Hope you feel better!

  3. Linda Bandow

    Jenn: I share your pain….is there no one else who can step up and help out here? You have enough on your hands. I was trapped into a deal like this not once, but twice….the second time all 4 of my kids came down with chicken pox….you know who screamed for help….

  4. Hooray for you for appreciating the teachers this way..Times have changed.. my mom taught school for over 40 yrs and they never did anything like that for the teachers in her schools… 3 cheers for Jenn!!


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