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This is the puppy we came home with yesterday. He’s a Blue Merle Aussie and he’s the sweetest thing ever! He adores the kids and we just love his personality. He’s enjoying playing in the yard and taking walks. We are working on housebreaking him and he’s doing fabulously with that. I’m sure I’ll have more photos as time goes on.


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  1. He’s gorgeous! Congratulations! I’ve heard aussies are very smart, have fun with your new furbaby.

  2. Ohmygosh!!! Look at his FACE!!! How could you NOT fall in love with him!! Yay for you guys!! Sooo glad you found a new member for your family! Soooo adorable!! 🙂

  3. Wow What a face!!! He is adorable! And what is this handsome man’s name?

  4. What a handsome boy!! Does he have a name yet??

  5. He is just absolutely adorable! How old? What did you name him? Precious! I love his coloring!

  6. found your blog during the almost artisan posts. we have 2 aussies, but neither are blue merles! don’t be surprised if one of his eyes turns blue as he grows…it’s a blue merle thing!

    have a great time with him! they need exercise, so don’t neglect walking him, teaching him fetch, once he’s better! they’re also fantastic at agility obstacle courses.

  7. I love his markings!!! You have to bring him to your mom’s for our next get together. I LOVE PUPPIES!

  8. He is SOOOOO cute! I hope he’s feeling better!


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