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Bandit and Friends

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Bandit is getting to be a big boy!  He is so super sweet and is attached to my side all of the time.  He used to take baths in his water bowl so this weekend we bought him a kiddie pool at Menards.  He LOVES it!  He will lay in it while it’s filling with water and I think he’s sleep in it if I let him.  I took a video today but he was exhausted from Puppy class so he didn’t splash around and blow bubbles like he did yesterday.  I didn’t know dogs liked blowing bubbles in the water out of their noses.  Apparently Bandit does.

This is Sage.  She was with us from last Saturday through Monday while they found a more permanent foster home.  She too was sweet, but wasn’t as fond of Bandit.  It took a few days for them to warm up to each other.  Our cats were glad to see her go because he liked to herd them.  They didn’t want to be any part of that game at all.

Our second foster is Shadow. She came to us the weekend and will be here until she finds her forever home. She is so sweet! We got her cleaned up and she’s learning to come into the house. I don’t know if she’s ever been in one before. It took a lot of coaxing and finally someone told me to walk her around on her leash outside and then just continue to walk right in the door. It worked! She now loves playing with squeak toys. She tosses them around and when she gets bored of that she brings them to me to throw. Bandit and her get along perfectly and she is not a cat herder! Our cats are appreciative of that.

Shadow has the most beautiful eyes! One is brown and the other is half brown and half blue. Isn’t she gorgeous!


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  1. We have an aussie too. He is a Blue merle. He is a nice dog for us but hates company. He actually bit a friend of mine a few days ago. thank the lord she didn’t want to sue over it. He didn’t break skin but bruised her up somewhat. needless to say he spends alot of time out side when I have my stampin’ UP! classes. My dog hates baths and getting hair cuts. He doesn’t even like chew toys or anything like that. He is afraid of the vaccum cleaner. Also he hates the UPS man. I keep telling him no Quantum he is a nice man that brings Stampin up. Will I see you at convention?

    Debi Pippin

  2. Thank you for this lovely and loving post! Cat herding, ha!

  3. Love the dogs….Bandit looks like a great dog…I can just see the cat herding….too funny. I so miss having a dog, but we decided no more until I retire as I don’t believe in leaving animals especially young ones home alone in a cage.


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