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The good and the bad

Let’s get the good over with first shall we?  Two of my cards done for challenges last week were recognized.  This card was made for the Color Throwdown 108.  I wasn’t sure how this color combo would work out but I was thrilled with the results. I was even happier when it was mentioned as catching the eye of the team. It was also a product of Mojo Monday
This card was my color challenge card and Mercy’s Tuesday Sketch Challenge. It was picked as on of Mercy’s Magnificient Musings.

Now for the bad.  Today I was cleaning up a dog bed that Cookie and Bandit decided to disassemble (aka pulled out all of the stuffing) while I took Evan to preschool.  I had them out in the yard and saw someone throw something into our back yard.  It was a can of Halt II Personal Dog Protection Spray against Dog Attacks.  Bandit got a good amount in his mouth and started throwing up.  I immediately called the vet because it said to contact poison control or the vets office immediately.  They said he’d probably be fine.  I just need to watch him.  Cookie luckily had the non aerosol end in her mouth and didn’t ingest any.  They thought it was a tug of war toy.  I was so mad that I then called the police to report it.  I don’t know anyone who would purposely be so mean to an animal.  All of my neighbors have dogs.  I hope this isn’t going to be an on going prank, seeing how ill Bandit got.

All of this commotion cut into my stamping time.  I’m sorry that I don’t have anything new for today.  I’m now off to pick up Evan and he has his appointment for the afternoon.


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  1. Hi Jenn,
    That is terrible thing that happened to you. I hope they catch the person who would do such a horrible thing.

    I do love both of your cards and the colour combinations.

  2. WOW – so sorry to hear that someone would be so mean to your dogs! I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone again in the future. Hope your pups feel okay!!!

  3. Your cards are beautiful – as always. I am sorry you are having such a rough week. I hope Evan heals quickly and that whoever threw the can in your yard was not someone from your neighborhood.

  4. Goodness, you’ve certainly had your hands full! I hope Evan is doing okay and the dogs aren’t sick either! I can’t believe that! On the good side, your cards are adorable, you are such a master!

  5. Wow Jenn, that is horrible! I hope that Bandit makes a full recovery, and that the creep that did this gets his just desserts!!! Grrr…. Also a speedy recovery to Evan… as for our daily dose of delicious eye candy from you- stop apologizing! You come first! don’t worry abour us! Congars on the cards they are gorgeous…

  6. Oh man!! That would totally tick me off, too.


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