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My Week in Photos – 'nuff said



Wednesday Continued



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  1. Oh Jenn! What a week! Hopefully the weekend will be carefree and relaxing!

  2. Jenn…OH MY Word! What a week!!! I feel for you. I remember those days…My girls are now 29 and 25 although
    I don’t have those problems anymore…I have bigger ones
    that leaves scares on me….! LOL Too long and complicated
    to explain.

  3. LOL!!!!! I have had a lousy week too, so enjoyed your pics! Especially Bandit in jail- with his destruction around him!!! At least fluff is easily cleaned up!!!
    Hope our week gets better!

  4. Oh my goodness Jenn, what a week! Well, here is hoping for a better one next week.

  5. Ooooo…bad week! I’ll keep these photos in mind when I think I’ve had a bad one! Hope your little man is not feeling too awful with the broken arm. Bad dog! Not sure what happened to your couch…the boy or the dog? And just what is that cannister? I hope better days are ahead!

  6. OOHH! I got the picture for sure! Yikes! Hopefully by the time I’m reading this you’re on the upswing!!


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