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Colin's Pumpkin

Yesterday my day went something like this:

Take Colin to the bus stop, drive Evan to school, run to Hobby Lobby for a cake box, drive back to Evan’s school to read to his class, drive to Target to get Colin slippers for Red Ribbon Week, drive back and pick Evan up, eat lunch at Jimmy John’s, go to the Love shop to buy Colin a mass book for Church, go vote, run to the library, take Evan to speech and finally at almost 3 pm walk back in the door to find the cat had been locked in a bedroom since 8 am and had an accident outside of his litter box.  So then I had to wash all of the bedding in Evan’s room, followed by baking 30+ cupcakes for his class party on Friday.  I could only find one of my cupcake pans so I had to bake them in batches of 12 – I ended up baking 72 after ruining a batch hoping the foil cups would actually bake okay if I put 24 of them on a cookie sheet.  That was wrong since the cupcakes then baked square – UGH!.  After ordering pizza for dinner and cleaning up after the last batch of cupcakes were baked I had to go do my end of the religious education car pool I have with my neighbor.  I then collapsed onto the couch at around 9 pm and sat watching mindless TV only to go to bed and have the million things I had to get done today run through my head and I was awake from 1:30 – 4 tossing and turning with hopes that sleep wasn’t too far off.

Today I got the boys to school and they both had 11:30 dismissal so between school drop off and pick up I got the cupcakes started for decoration.  So today I have Colin’s pumpkin to show you.  We found the pattern in a carving book from Target.  Tomorrow I will have my cupcakes to show you.  I think they turned out super cute.


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  1. Ohhh—it’s COMFORTING to hear that someone else’s life is as hectic and crazy as mine—and I don’t even have kids!!! (unless you count the cats!) Whew. I can relate! Particularly to the being up 3-4 hrs! Am trying to learn—what doesn’t get done—probably wasn’t that important anyway! I am off to bake muffins, too! Since no kids (or grandkids)–hubby will have to take cute muffins to work to share! Hmm-maybe he’ll try and convince the kids we need grandkids! Lol! Hang in there!

  2. Love the pumpkin Jenn. Hang in there… and take time for you too!

  3. I am tired just reading this post, you are always on the go. What a woman!
    This pumpkin is cute as can be.

  4. wow!!! I am tired just reading this. I am going to go take a nap.
    I hope you and your family have a Happy Halloween.


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