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I figured I’d pop in and share a few things.  I know I have been missing a lot lately, and I promise I’m going to try to find a new balance that allows me to stamp and post.  Most likely all of that will happen after the new year.  I need to make more time for me and the stuff I like to do.  I’ve fallen out of that habit and I miss it.

While I have you here, my brother, has started up a new website.  Do you want a way to document all of the funny things that happen to you during the day, or a way to keep track of the funny things your kids say.  Then check out ToonBee.

Colin and Evan have both been sick.  Colin came down with strep throat in mid-November and is on his 2nd antibiotic to try to get over it.  Evan woke with a 103 degree fever and his strep test came back positive too.  It seems all I’ve been doing is taking care of sick kids and disinfecting my house with bleach.  There are only 15 days until Christmas break, so they have just a little over 2 weeks to get and remain healthy for the Christmas holiday.

We recently had our photos taken by a wonderful college friend and sorority sister of mine.  She was wonderful and it was the most enjoyable photo shoot we’ve been on since the kids were born.  If you are in the Chicagoland area you should check her out.  Contact Jen at Riley Jolie Photography and tell her I sent you.  The photo posted is one she took.

I will have a  Sketch for You to Try card on Saturday.  I also have to catch up in Google Reader.  I am months behind.

I hope you are having a fantastic week and you are all healthy and happy!  See you Saturday.


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  1. Great Photo Jen. Hope the kids get well soon.


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