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Project Life February 2011

Today is a busy hectic day. I took Evan to school, Colin to breakfast, did a little shopping at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s, picked Evan up and then made lunch for Evan. I mentioned earlier that I started a Project Life album this year and I absolutely love it! We have had fun documenting the little things that happen in our lives each and every day.

January 30th – February 5th: A trip to China town with Uncle Matt and Aunt Wen, a photo before the storm hits to be able to compare it to after the blizzard hits, Colin is learning to save money with his new ATM bank, Life after 9″ of snow (the boys had no school for 2 days, Roger got 1 day off of work), It’s too cold to go outside so we stay in our PJ’s and play the Wii, a street heading into our subdivision is nice and peaceful with all of the snow and the sun finally comes out, Bandit relaxing in the car on a trip back from my parents, how he finds this position comfortable I do not know.

February 6th – 12th After the YMCA, Colin helps to shovel while still in his gym clothes, Evan studying a Lego book, Colin and Evan reading his Treasures book from school, Colin completing math homework, a small trip to the grocery store, Evan has a school Carnival and has his face painted like “an ocean”, a early Valentine’s Day present – a Harry Potter Lego board game

February 13th – 19th: Gilbert makes a rare appearance in the morning and actually let me photograph him, I planned and ran a Valentine’s Day party for 30 preschoolers, our 1970’s Three Men in a Tub bath toy, Evan is sick and has to go to the pediatrician, two weeks after the blizzard all of our snow is gone, Colin creates Abe Lincoln’s cabin with a penny in the window, Bandit thinks that he’s small enough to be a lap dog.

February 20th – 26th: a dinner from E-mealz that Evan has designated “disgusting” (how can ranch chicken tenders, rice and yellow squash be termed as that?), Evan starts swimming lessons, Colin and Evan discover the “Goblet of Fire” at ONU here in town, Evan decides that he’s going to help cook from now on, Evan explains the Whale he drew for me, Colin practices for a part in the school music concert, Colin makes his 1st Reconcilliation at St. Patrick’s Church in Kankakee.

I don’t think I’ve shared my January 2011 pages yet. I have to find exactly where I stored them on my computer because I know I took them! I hope you enjoyed a peek into our lives last month.


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