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Project Life January 2011

I knew that these photos were on my computer. I just didn’t save them where I thought I did. Now I have that all fixed. Tonight is date night for Roger and I. We have a new babysitter coming and I’m working on cleaning the house so that it is nice and clean for the weekend.

January 2nd – January 8: Our new shoes all lined up for the YMCA, Evan reading a book on the way to preschool, Bandit and Figaro enjoying the sunshine, my flat tire, reading my Kindle free books while waiting for Evan to get out of preschool, Reading Kingdom Hearts from the library, Lowes Build and Grow

January 9 – January 15th: Colin working on his Pinewood Derby car (he only posed for the photo, Roger did the sawing with power tools), making sure we can get the car to exactly 5 oz, another snowy day, a perfect photo of Bandit, Colin starts swimming lessons at the YMCA, painting the Pinewood Derby car, Evan starts soccer at Club 47.

January 16 – January 22: Colin wins 2nd place in his Wolf den in the Pinewood Derby, a cold day at home gets broken up by playing the Wii, a constant pile of laundry waiting of me, a typical lunch Wrap full of veggies for me, Colin and Evan reading nicely together, helping to make their own Pizza, Evan helping out at Lowes to bring home a tray to keep snowy shoes off of the floor.

January 23 – January 29: Dunkin Donuts after church, playing the game of Life the way Evan likes (spinning to move, no money, no cards), Hang on Woody!, reading nicely together, my stash of oatmeal, Pioneer Womans favorite pizza recipe is wonderful, a trip to the Field museum for the boys with Uncle Matt and Aunt Wen and a night out for Roger and I.

Well I’ll be back on Monday with a stamped project.


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  1. Great job with your project life!! Your layouts are awesome! Wish I had started with that, guess there’s always next year!


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