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I’ve gotten quite a few inquiries about what I’ve been up to, how I am and how my family is. I can tell you that there have been a lot of changes. In June I started substitute teaching in my local school district. Colin and Evan were both going to be in school full time in the fall. As soon as they heard I was a Special Ed certified teacher they told me of their need for certified teachers in the summer. Fall came and I continued to sub at the K – 4 schools. I was working almost on a daily basis and it seemed I spent a lot of my time in the same rooms over and over again. Come October I was presented with the opportunity to possibly have a part time position as a Resource Teacher at one of the 3 grade schools. November came and I found myself working full-time as a grades 1 – 4 Resource Teacher. Life for me has been extremely busy. Eight years out of the field is enough time for things to change dramatically, especially with paperwork. Colin and Evan are doing well. Colin is in 3rd grade and is in the AT program at school. He’s competing with his team at the Team Quest finals this spring. Evan is in Kindergarten full time and loves all day school and his friends. Roger is still at the same job that moved us here. Teaching full time, being a full time mom and family life has left me no time for stamping. On the rare occasion that I do get to play with my supplies I realize how much I miss it. I’m hoping that spring break brings me an opportunity to stamp. I hope you and your families are all well.


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