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Because it’s Time

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I wanted stop by and thank all of you who have stopped by through the years to check in on my little stamping creations. I have appreciated all of the comments, thoughts and feedback you have given me. I consider many of you to be my friends and I am so glad to have gotten to know some of you so well. It is time to say goodbye to my little blog. I simply do not have the time to stamp, post and create like I used to do. My kids keep me busier than ever, and while I will keep on stamping for pleasure, I find I do not have the time it takes to photograph, edit, upload and post to the web. My migration to a WordPress hosted website will allow me to keep my blog up so it will still be here for inspiration and a place to look back at for ideas and instructions.



It’s a Birthday Day!

The next few weeks are going to be crazy and I’m not going to even say that I can post every day. This week has been busy enough, because we are preparing for a Birthday celebration tonight!  Colin is going to be 8 at exactly 2:20 this afternoon and is welcoming 4 of his friends over for pizza, cake and Wii games tonight. I’ve been busy running around getting the cake, party favors etc., all while dealing with Evan who is on his 2nd round of antibiotics for a sinus infection. He’s not contagious, but he isn’t getting better.

I also took the time to complete an online application yesterday to become a substitute teacher for the elementary school district here in town. I figured I’d hear back by the start of the next school year. I didn’t know how long the process would take. They called me back already this morning and the ball is rolling on the few things I have to get done before I can be added to the list of available teachers. That was much faster than I thought, and they asked me if I could start for the summer session. That is going to require some thinking because then I’d need to line up daycare.

So since this post is so random I picked a random birthday card to repost. I made this one a while ago using Inspired by Nature and it was a favorite of mine.

Have a good weekend. It’s supposed to be cold and rainy, so maybe, just maybe I’ll get to stamp something to carry me into next week.

New Projects Coming Soon!

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I have taken a much needed break from stamping and daily blogging, but I am ready to return in the next week. Thanks for all of the support over the last few months. I have lots of new goodies to play with and to post here. See you soon!

A few things

I figured I’d pop in and share a few things.  I know I have been missing a lot lately, and I promise I’m going to try to find a new balance that allows me to stamp and post.  Most likely all of that will happen after the new year.  I need to make more time for me and the stuff I like to do.  I’ve fallen out of that habit and I miss it.

While I have you here, my brother, has started up a new website.  Do you want a way to document all of the funny things that happen to you during the day, or a way to keep track of the funny things your kids say.  Then check out ToonBee.

Colin and Evan have both been sick.  Colin came down with strep throat in mid-November and is on his 2nd antibiotic to try to get over it.  Evan woke with a 103 degree fever and his strep test came back positive too.  It seems all I’ve been doing is taking care of sick kids and disinfecting my house with bleach.  There are only 15 days until Christmas break, so they have just a little over 2 weeks to get and remain healthy for the Christmas holiday.

We recently had our photos taken by a wonderful college friend and sorority sister of mine.  She was wonderful and it was the most enjoyable photo shoot we’ve been on since the kids were born.  If you are in the Chicagoland area you should check her out.  Contact Jen at Riley Jolie Photography and tell her I sent you.  The photo posted is one she took.

I will have a  Sketch for You to Try card on Saturday.  I also have to catch up in Google Reader.  I am months behind.

I hope you are having a fantastic week and you are all healthy and happy!  See you Saturday.

I'm still here & a Tiny Blog Change

I’ve realized that I actually have to be home to stamp and post projects to my blog.  This has been a crazy week.  Evan got sick in the early morning hours of Monday and Roger took the day off to work on replacing weather stripping on our back door.  That set me off schedule with my morning stamping time.  Since then I’ve been running around volunteering at the kids schools and doing a lot of Mom things.  This is the first year I can volunteer at both schools since Evan goes to preschool 5 days a week.  Before it left me little opportunity to help out at Colin’s school because I only had a few hours each week available.  Then yesterday I had to take the cat to the vet and today Evan is home again for once again vomiting in the middle of the night.  I made him an appointment for this morning so we can see what is going on with him.  We’ve also been blessed with mid-70 degree weather and we needed to enjoy it before it dissolves into 50 degree rainy weather for the weekend.

I made a small tiny change to my blog.  I have some Spam software running in the background, but I think the bots have found a way to go around it.  I’ve been getting tons of spam, and while you never see it, there is still time needed to block the addresses and delete the comments.  Therefore I’ve put a small Capture system at the bottom of the comment section.  I really hate having to do this because I try to make commenting as easy as possible.  However, I’d also like to devote my time to reading the fabulous comments my readers leave instead of dealing with the spam ones.  Thanks for your understanding in this.

I will have a Sketch for You to Try card tomorrow and I’m hoping to use the afternoon to catch up on my stamping and my blog after Evan gets home from the pediatrician.

Should we try this too?

We’ve been looking at replacing carpet in our living room and last Thursday we got a brochure in the mail from Carpet Weavers. We had our rooms measured, picked out carpet and liked the price. Yesterday Roger and I went and picked out the color and today they called to let me know that they will already have the carpet on Friday and will be here to install it on Tuesday. I didn’t think this whole process would go so quickly. We went with Mohawk Smartstrand carpet. It’s made partially from corn sugar! I loved the commercial I saw after we had already picked and ordered the carpet. I don’t know if my floors would hold a Rhino. LOL!

My Week in Photos – 'nuff said



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