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Honey Do List – SUO Challenge 5

I finally got a chance to get to my stamping area and it’s all clean!  It’s not clean because I wanted it to be, but rather because a flood in an upstairs bathroom required the cleaning of things in the basement as well.  You see, I had planned on spending the morning before Trick-or-Treating stamping.  Instead Evan came into our room at 7:40 in the morning on Sunday announcing that something was wrong with the bathroom because when he went in there his foot got wet.  That made Roger jump out of bed to see what was going on in the bathroom and made me jump out because I knew that if the bathroom floor was soaking it would most likely be dripping from the ceiling in the basement.  So we not only had to buy a new wax ring for the toilet and have it fixed, but we also had to clean up the basement from all of the water dripping down through the floor along the plumbing.  At least it was all clean water!

So yesterday after spending All Souls day in church with Evan and attending his Kids 4 Jesus assembly I got to work on the 5th SUO Challenge.  The challenge this time is Punch Art and mine was highly inspired by Diana Gibbs.  I followed her bee tutorial but I changed mine up to add some pretty eyelashes to the bee instead of antennae.  I figured if I was going to create a “Honey Do List” that my bee would have to be flirty with her honey.  There is a notebook inside of the little wish list book I created.  I hope you have a chance to play along with us this time.  There are a LOT of neat ideas for Punch art.  I have an entire folder in my google reader dedicated to it.  If you need more inspiration I did find links at Paper Punch Addiction that may help you out.

Today is Tuesday so it’s my library day at Colin’s school.  I hope you have a great day!  I know I’m going to be happy to have all of the political phone calls come to an end.  My husband and I both voted early, but they don’t let the automatic callers know that.  I’ve now made it a point to only vote for people who don’t call me at home so that meant no voting for Republicans or Democrats.  All of mine went to Libertarians or Green Party candidates this time because they didn’t waste my time calling me at home or cut down a million trees sending me flyers that end up right in the recycling bin.